Posted by: hevallo | April 23, 2009

Defy and Reject Terrorist Label in Turkey and UK!

Kurds to Defy and Reject Terrorist Label.

Press Release. 23rd April 2009.

The Kurdish Community in the UK will demonstrate on Saturday to protest against the increased harassment, imprisonment and intimidation of Kurdish political activists by the UK and Turkish authorities.

They will exercise their right to freedom of expression by challenging a ban on symbols and flags that show support of the PKK, a so called ‘proscribed’ organisation.

In Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria the PKK has popular support amongst Kurdish people and are fighting those oppressive governments for basic human and political rights.

In Turkey, flags in support of the PKK are flown openly but in the UK the British authorities have said they will arrest and detain anyone flying a banned flag.

In Turkey, over 250 Kurdish activists from the Kurdish party DTP have been detained all over the country under the pretence of ‘fighting terrorism’.

The increased repression follows a historic victory by the Kurdish party in the Kurdish region of Turkey in the local elections of 29th March.

In the UK many Kurdish activists and community members have been detained and a campaign of ‘criminalising’ the Kurdish community has been implemented over the last three months following a visit to Turkey of the embattled Home Office Minister Jacqui Smith.

The Turkish authorities have labelled anything associated with Kurdish rights as ‘terrorism’ and it is a sad reflection on UK foreign policy that they choose to support one of the world’s worst human rights abusers in suppressing Kurdish exiles in the UK


25th April 2009
Assemble: Dalston Junction 12.30hrs Depart 1300hrs.
(on corner of Balls Pond Road junction, behind Barclays Bank)
March to Kurdish Community Centre.

Called by the Kurdish Federation in UK.
Supported by Londra Apocu Genclik, Kurdish Community Centre, Halkevi, Kurdish and Turkish Community Centre, Kurdish Solidarity Committee and Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

For more information please call:

Arzu Pesmen: 07960302192 or Mark Campbell: 07865079415

Feb-bir (Kurdish Federation in UK) 11 Portland Gardens, London N4 1HU.


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