Posted by: hevallo | April 26, 2009

Kurds in London Defy Criminalisation!

Photo above by Umut. Photos below by Fil Kaler.

Police had to make a hasty retreat when they made the mistake of trying to criminalise the Kurdish people in London on a demonstration called to

“Stop the Criminalisation of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and No to a Political Solution to the Kurdish Question in Turkey without the PKK”

Fed up with the intimidation and harrassment the Kurdish community is fighting back.

At the end of a very successful demonstration that was called to ‘Stop the Criminalisation of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle’ police officers began photographing anybody with a T Shirt expressing support for the Kurdish Freedom Movement and taking their names and address’s, even though the organisers had been told that such T Shirts would be allowed.

The young Kurdish girl with the Abdullah Ocalan T Shirt above was told by the police officer, that she was being photographed and having her details taken, “Because she was chanting ‘PKK’!”

Furious, the Kurdish protestors gathered around the police and everybody began chanting,

“We are PKK, PKK is us! We are PKK, PKK is us!”

And as the police officers beat a hasty retreat the protestors chanted:

“Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!”

As the Turkish police and army continue to repress the Kurds in Turkey with arrest, torture and murder, the UK authorities should feel nothing but shame! (to be fair to most of the rank and file police officers who had been ordered to carry out the work, they were as mystified as the protestors as to what they were doing and many could not state under which law they were collecting this information.)

And the Kurdish Community nothing but pride!


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