Posted by: hevallo | May 6, 2009

Mardin Massacre. Was it the Turkish State Black Operations designed to End PKK’s Ceasefire?

As the villagers killed by a murderous onslaught are buried, (above) there are serious questions coming out about who is behind the massacre.

The more that comes out about the massacre in Mardin of 44 villagers the more it smells like ‘black operations’, perhaps designed to scupper the hopes of any peace in Turkey by blaming the PKK for the attack.
It would be in line with historical events that have taken place at critical times during the Kurdish Freedom Struggle.

This time there were survivors who were not supposed to of survived and can testify to who carried out this massacre. There are very strange incidents surrounding these murders that need to be investigated as a matter of urgency.

This from The Times.

It has been suggested that rogue groups within the state apparatus, wishing to prolong the Kurdish war, could be behind the systematic killings, in which the masked assailants shot everyone in the head and then went back to finish off survivors.

“If three people had not escaped, then everyone would have said the PKK did this. These men cannot have organised this by themselves,” said a member of the prominent Mardin family.

This from Mizgin at Rasti.

Wow, that’s really something, that massacre outside of Mardin yesterday. A bunch of guys masked, armed with automatic weapons and grenades, who go to a wedding and murder 44 people. How many “blood feuds” have we ever heard of that were handled like that? How about zero?

DTP Diyarbakır parliamentarian Gültanşanak finds it odd that there’s a military garrison located some five minutes from the massacre site but that it took them two hours to arrive on scene. Villagers ran to the garrison to notify the village guards there of what had happened. The village guards, in turn, notified the security forces. The security forces told the guards that if they wanted to go, they could go, but security forces would not go.

When you consider the political climate that we are in and the fact that the Turkish state are considering their next moves with the PKK’s announcement of a ceasefire getting more publicity than ever before. The PKK want peace and this is crystal clear to all now.

We have, if you like, never been in this political position before. With a political solution to the Kurdish Question so tantalisingly close.
But we have been in positions where peace was tantalisingly close and ‘black operations’ were carried out to blame the PKK and so discredit them. Guclukonak and Beytussabap are two incidents that come to mind but there are so many others. And they have mostly involved ‘Village Guards’ who can then conveniently be called civilians and the PKK can be projected as the most foul of foulest ‘terrorists’ who kill babies and pregnant women.

This has been a constant during the ‘dirty war’ against the Kurds.

So why should this change?

Could it be that the Mardin incident is yet another of the Turkish state’s foulest of foul murderous incidents, carried out to label the Kurdish Freedom Movement as ‘terrorists’ and ‘criminals’ and so gain support for the Turkish Army’s military onslaught against the Kurdish Movement and scupper the PKK’s efforts for peace?

I really hope that there is a independent investigation to this and that the main suspects in this case don’t suddenly die in a mysterious car crash on the way to prison.

And if this was a black operations incident designed to sabotage peace, then as it did not succeed it would not be surprising to see another incident equally evil and murderous to be carried out again.


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