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>Peace in Kurdistan Campaign. Press Release. "PKK Calls for Peace!"


Press release 29 May 2009

PKK Calls for Peace
Lift the ban on the PKK – Justice and Freedom for the Kurds
Demonstration on 1 June,
3-5pm at 10 Downing Street!

Monday, 1 June, is the date when the latest unilateral ceasefire announced by the PKK expires. Turkey has so far ignored this call for peace, just as it has flouted the democratic wishes of the Kurdish people so clearly expressed in the recent Turkish local elections when the Democratic Society Party (DTP) won our overwhelming support.

We will demonstrate on Monday to make our voices heard for peace in Turkey and Kurdistan. We support the calls for the opening of peace talks put forward by the PKK to end the decades’ old conflict that has claimed too many Kurdish and Turkish lives.

“We are at a turning point,” Murat Karayilan, acting head of the PKK, said in an interview with The Times published on 25 May.

“Kurds do not want to continue the war. We believe we can solve the Kurdish question without spilling more blood. We are ready for a peaceful and democratic solution in Turkey — to be solved within Turkey’s borders.”

“Britain accepted the will of the Scots by giving them a parliament of their own, and that’s what the Turks have to do with us,” Mr Karayilan told The Times.

The continuing conflict between Turkey and the Kurds also holds back progress on the country’s accession to the European Union, an aspiration which the Kurds share with the British government.

Lasting peace can only be achieved through talks in which the PKK will have a key role to play. Calling the PKK ‘terrorists’ simply puts peace further beyond reach. This is why we have been collecting signatures on a petition calling for the delisting of the PKK as a banned group, which we will be handing to the British government on 1 June to let them know that the PKK is the party and voice of the Kurds: both are calling loud and clear for peace. “Give peace a chance!”

“PKK Calls For Peace!” Demonstration will be held on 1 June, 3-5pm at 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, London. It is organised by Kurdish Federation in UK, Kurdish Community Centre, Halkevi, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign. For information on the demo please contact: Arzu Pesman, Kurdish Federation in UK 07960302192 or Sulton an 07983752689


Bianet news 72 NGOs in Diyarbakir call for peace

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Rasti: Notes from Qendil posted by Mizgin


Amnesty Itnterational Turkey Report

The Times details the PKK’s unilateral ceasefire and efforts to create the opportunity for
peaceful solution to The Kurdish Question between the Turkish Government and the PKK.

Contact: Peace in Kurdistan Campaign tel 020 7586 5892


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