Posted by: hevallo | June 5, 2009

New Travel Book to Discover Kurdistan and the Kurds.

Yes, that’s right! Kurdistan! For although this new traveller’s Handbook is called Another Look at East and Southeast Turkey, it is a travel book for NW Kurdistan. Written by Kurds with Kurdish culture and history weaved through the book.

I have a hard copy of the book that somebody sent me from Diyarbakir but you can access and download the book online here.

It is quite simply a beautiful book and long overdue. Produced by Kurdish councils it promotes Kurdistan’s natural beauty. A profound beauty that has been hidden from the world during the Turkish genocidal actions against the Kurds.

I suspect that the heavily commerciallised ‘Turkish’ tourism sector has dreaded this book coming out, as it is obvious to anyone who goes that the unspoilt raw uncommercialised natural, historic and cultural beauty is by far more beautiful, culturally enriching, exciting and enticing than the sun drenched beaches of the Med coast in Western Turkey.

For it exposes the truth that Eastern Turkey is by far the more beautiful than Western Turkey and waiting to be discovered.

This book will help the visitor to ‘Kurdistan’ to understand the culture, history, language and traditions of the Kurdish people and guide you around with maps and explanations of local traditions and pictures of some of the amazing things you will discover and experience.

So what are you waiting for? It is ethical to travel to Kurdistan.

So boycott Turkish holidays to Marmaris or some packaged holiday to a commercialised purpose built tourism trap go to Kurdistan and have the cultural experience of a lifetime!



  1. Discover the wonderful Kurdistan:

    Rojbas from Italy

  2. >LMAO in marmaris got alot of fucking kurdish ­čśÇ ironic!

  3. >Why ironic? Yes, of course there are a lot of Kurdish workers in the Turkish tourism industry. Fact. That does not diminish the beauty of Kurdistan. A geographical area that has been held under a heavy military occupation and seen the most serious and systematic widespread human rights abuses. Most people when they go to 'Turkey' will go to Marmaris and sit on the beach and worry what they are going to eat at night. But the Kurdish part of Turkey, or NW Kurdistan, as the Kurds know it, is the more beautiful part. With centuries of history and a different cultural aspect it makes more of an interesting holiday.

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