Posted by: hevallo | June 15, 2009

Turkey has used mind control and psychological warfare for years.

I’m sure that Mizgin will do a greater in depth analysis on this.

And if fact, if there is any journalist with an interest in Turkey worth their salt they should write a book on this subject.

It would contribute a lot more to a peaceful resolution of the Kurdish Question than Turkish Psychological warfare drivel and lies repeated by most commentators or journalists who pretend to specialise on Turkey’s political issues.

It is the reason that Hevallo exists!

Turkey’s psychological war!

Lies written for the Turkish Generals agenda of war, hatred and dominance.

They have been caught ‘red handed’ , again, preparing their next psychological warfare report and action plan.

This time it is targeting AKP.

If you are new to the Kurdish issue and Turkey’s control of the media, both national and international you will be shocked. But for many of us it is not surprising at all but good to see it being exposed.

So when the next big provocation comes along,


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