Posted by: hevallo | June 20, 2009

Racist Murder of Kurdish Child Legalised by Turkey’s Highest Court.

This is Ugur Kaymaz. A Kurdish boy of 12 years old with his life in front of him.

Racist Turkish police killed Ugur and his father in Nov 2004.

Turkish human rights organisations call it an extra judicial killing of this father and son.

Hard to understand isn’t it? Why would anyone would want to kill this young boy by shooting him in his back repetitively and at close range?

But then you look at this video of a grown man with a balaclava hood on beating a young Kurdish boy to the ground a picture of a deep racist hatred against the Kurds begins to build up….

How can children be the objects of such hatred?

Here again we have an example of such hatred against a young Kurdish boy. Watch closely as the Turkish policeman purposely bends the young boys arm back so much and then calmly adds more pressure to break the young boys arm. Watch it and then watch it again! These are scenes caught on camera. Can you imagine what they do off camera. This is the Kurdish reality in Turkey!

But surely, that this kind of barbaric cruelty against children cannot be supported by the authorities.

Yes, the ruling by Turkey’s Highest Court a couple of days, just a few days before ‘Father’s Day’ ruled in favour of the Turkish police acquitted by a Turkish court of killing Ugur Kaymaz and his father, Ahmet and said that the police were acting in ‘self defence’ even though all of their discredited ‘evidence’ was proved to be lies!

Even though 13 bullets were pumped into this little boys frail body at close range in broad daylight!

This is Turkey!

This is the situation of the Kurds in Turkey when a little boy can be murdered………can have 13 bullets pumped into his small frame, from behind his back and at close range and it is sanctioned by the state!!



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