Posted by: hevallo | July 6, 2009

Turkish Generals Psychological Warfare Department Back in Action. Bomb in Sirnak. 4 Dead, 9 injured. Echos of Guclukonak!

By Hevallo

It is still, perhaps too early to say, (added 8th July, HPG deny any involvement in explosion) but anyone who is reading and disgesting the latest news about a bomb that has killed 4 dam construction workers in Ballıkaya, Sirnak this morning will be scratching their heads.

Why? PKK are already being blamed but why would they plant a mine on a road that is used by dam construction workers.

How does this make sense as firstly the PKK do not target civilians and secondly, we are on the edge, the cusp, of a ‘solution’ to The Kurdish Question in Turkey and the PKK’s military engagements are only in relation to offensive attacks against them by the Turkish military?

In whose interests would this mine attack serve? And remember we have all been waiting, predicting, expecting a ‘provocation’ of some sort. So, in whose interests would it serve to place a mine on a road used by dam construction workers?

Well, let me offer my own, first, early thoughts.

The last two posts on Hevallo have been about Psychological Warfare and The Turkish economy and how it will effect the GAP Project and construction of dams.

Well, lets have a look at this incident that is being widely reported in the Turkish and international press.

The victims of this incident are civilians from a construction firm that are building a dam!

Yes, a dam! Yes, I know what your thinking……….a dam just like the dam that Turkey are having problems funding from the international community. In fact only a few days ago it was reported that Turkey would find ways to continue this dam DESPITE losing international backing for it.

Call me a cynic but this incident looks like one of those ways and in all likelihood has been cooked up in murky bowels of the Turkish Generals Psychological Warfare Department. It bears all of the classic hallmarks including the early identification of all of the victims that are being reported in the press. Some of the victims are Kurdish patriots from Lice.

It has all of the appearance’s of a piece of Turkish black operations designed to discredit the PKK as always, and especially now, being on a historic ceasefire and waiting for a response from the Turkish Government, with many parties even believing that the process has gone so far now that nothing, not even a provocation, can stop it.

And it would also of course help the Turkish regime to look like they were suffering from ‘terrorist’ attacks in relation to their dam building and gain sympathy for their totally internationally discredited GAP Dam project that would flood the Kurdish region and destroy Kurdish heritage thousands of years old including Hasankeyf. (pictured above)

The stakes are high as Turkey is poised to sign a big gas pipeline deal in Ankara with Europe on 13th July 2009. The Deep Staters/Generals are hoping that now is a good time to get Europe’s sympathy towards the ill fated GAP Project.

It reminds me of the incident at Guclukonak (right) in Jan 1996 where 11 Kurdish villagers were burnt alive in a minibus but somehow their identity cards were held by the army without a burn mark to be seen (a phenomenon that could not be explained by a red faced army officer when he was asked). An incident that was proved to of been carried out by the Turkish state themselves to discredit the PKK and deflect criticism of their soldiers who had photographs published in the European press of them holding the decapitated heads of Kurdish guerrilla fighters.

Enquiring minds need to go and investigate and not accept the Turkish psycho departments word for it!

It looks like Turkey’s Psychological Warfare Department is back in action!


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