Posted by: hevallo | August 25, 2009

Details of Turkey’s so called ‘Democratic Initiative’ Emerging. A Damp Squid or Squib?

Don’t get excited! No constitutional change!

Kurds will be allowed to speak Kurdish in the mosque and in prison!!!!

Kurdish not official language nor any negotiations with Kurdish Freedom Movement.



  1. Why am I not surprised of this…
    You did not to be a intelligent person or neither see into the future to know this was gonna happen.
    When will the Kurdish people learn that all this is a set up to ease the Kurdish people…
    every time the Kurdish people get upset and angry the Turkish government says we gonna change this and that…to ease them…
    come on people they have been lying to use a century long, do you think this is gonna change?
    We need to be like the good old Medes

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