Posted by: hevallo | September 2, 2009

Amed Celebrates Kurdish ‘Victory’!

After over 80 years of genocidal policies towards the Kurdish people in Turkey the Kurdish resistance is victorious!

Even only 10 years ago the traffic lights in Amed were considered ‘terrorist’ lights for being the Kurdish colours red, green and yellow.

Not long before that extra judicial executions took place nightly with gunfire resounding around the city after dark as hit squads went about their murderous work.

Thousands of Kurdish villages, towns and hamlets were burnt to the ground in an attempt to forcibly displace millions of Kurdish refugees and assimilate them into Turkish cities in the west.

The Kurdish resistance against these barbaric and murderous policies have shamed the international community as the Kurdish people have been left to struggle alone.

1st Sept 2009 was a day to celebrate Kurdish ‘Victory’!

Maybe we still have a way to go, but we are certainly now on that road.

Biji Serok Apo!
Biji PKK!
Biji HPG!
Biji DTP!
Biji Kurdistan!
Sehid Namerin!

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