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Kurdish Political Leadership of KCK Executive Council Statement of 1st Sept 2009

Democratic Communities of Kurdistan (KCK) Executive Council
Translated Statement 1 Sept 2009

Today we celebrate 1st September, World Peace Day, with high hopes for democracy, peace and freedom in the Middle East and all around the world.

On this day we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our leader Abdullah Ocalan for all his relentless efforts for peace.

We also would like to salute and commemorate all our martyrs who fell during our struggle for peace and freedom.

Today, the Kurdish people and all peace-loving forces of Turkey have once again declared the urgent need for democratic and peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question and reaffirmed that Abdullah Ocalan and the Kurdish freedom movement [the PKK] are essential partners in any peace process. We salute and congratulate all participants at the

Peace Day events.

Our movement has keenly observed the demonstrations that have taken place in various cities, including Amed [Diyarbakir] on 1st September and feels obliged to meet the demands of our people manifested at these demonstrations.

Despite all Turkish military operations against HPG forces, the KCK has maintained its unilateral ceasefire since 13th April.

Although our leader Abdullah Ocalan, subsequently our movement, the Kurdish political forces and the vast majority of the Turkish democratic forces, have continuously expressed their support for peace, the Turkish state and the government officials have failed to produce concrete policy or a proposal to solve the Kurdish question.

Our movement and leader are the primary proponents of the current process. The Turkish authorities, at the early stages, had adapted the process as ‘initiative on the Kurdish issue’, then as a ‘democratisation initiative’, however for the last several weeks the authorities have been referring to the process as a ‘fight against terrorism’, ‘national unity’ and engaged in a particular effort to isolate our movement and the leader.

Turkish Interior Minister, in his speech on 31st August had not mentioned the Kurds or the Kurdish people even once. He announced that the current initiative ‘would form national unity and eliminate the PKK’.

The Interior Minister has also stated that the government does not have constitutional changes on its agenda. We would like to argue that the declaration of no constitutional change means a deadlock in the peace process. Turkish Interior Minister has simply repeated the framework presented by the National Security Council and has, in fact, retreated from his previous statements.

The Kurdish people are faced with an attitude that does not build confidence and resembles the denial and annihilation policies which have been implemented since the foundation of the Republic. The Turkish state has to abandon its policy of violence and its strategy to eliminate the Kurdish movement.

We question the government’s sincerity based on the fact that the road map prepared by our leader has been withheld by the authorities, and that the military operations have not been halted. In addition at the time Turkish official are referring to the need for a solution, an attempt to education in Kurdish has been criminalized and a request by a 10 year old girl to receive education in Kurdish has been taken to court.

The Turkish army is solely responsible for loss of life at the present time as the army rejects our calls to halt all military operations. If the army had responded to our ceasefire offer not a single person would have lost his or her life. Since the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire following Newroz 2009 the Turkish army has carried out 151 military operations, killing 54 Kurdish guerrillas. It is our estimate that at least 54 Turkish soldiers have also lost their lives during the same period due to ongoing military operations.

Recently, the Turkish army conducted a three-day operation in pursuit of a guerrilla unit, on Govend Mountain in Semdinli, which resulted in a Turkish military unit entering guerrilla positions and causing fierce engagement.

The Turkish army is persistent at its military activities which lead to losses on both sides of the conflict. It is clear that the army is determined to sabotage the process. Otherwise why would they have sent their troops in pursuit of our guerrilla forces and command them to enter our guerrilla positions?

Despite lack of concrete actions our movement still upholds its belief in peace and is determined to make every effort to achieve progress. Hence the KCK has agreed that it was necessary to extent our offer of ceasefire until the forthcoming Eid.

We will review the policies and actions of the Turkish state during this period. We will also consider the demands and policies of various national and international forces, and decide whether to extend our offer of ceasefire beyond the period of Eid.

We call on our people and all democratic forces to intensify their efforts for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue and call on Turkish authorities to release the road map prepared by our leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

Translated from Turkish original


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