Posted by: hevallo | September 22, 2009

Kurdish Freedom Fighter Buried by The Kurdish People!

Heval Sila, (or real name, Aliye Timur), died recently from injuries sustained from a profound military engagement with the Turkish army lasting from the 8th-15th Sept 2009 in the Cukurca district of Hakkari. An engagement that resulted in the deployment of chemical weapons by the Turkish army.

Sila Van, a young brave Kurdish woman who knew that the only way to bring freedom for the Kurds was to pick up a weapon and fight for it!

In Van (more photos) over 80,000 Kurdish people took Sila’s body and placed it in the Kurdish earth she fought for and showed their profound respect for her bravery, courage and dignity in the face of such a cruel and racist enemy. It is because of such bravery, and the self sacrifice of mostly young Kurdish people, that the Kurdish issue is being discussed now by Turkey and the international community.

It is to the Martyrs of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle that the Kurdish people owe such an enormous debt.

Deepest respect and condolences to the
family, friends and comrades of Heval Sila Van!



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