Posted by: hevallo | October 2, 2009

KCK:"This is Turkey’s Last Chance, the Last opportunity!"

Kurdish Info 30.09.2009-KCK Executive Council Member Duran Kalkan has attracted attention to the AKP government and Turkish state’s manner and indicated that all that has been done and said till today amounts to a preparation for war.

Kalkan also assessed their continuing six month unilateral ceasefire. He said that this period had resulted in serious political gain as well as opening the route for new developments.

However he emphasised that some approaches to the issue hadn’t carried equal weight to its importance. He added that the strategic stance of their Movement was ongoing.

Kalkan said, ‘this process is of critical importance, we do not want to make any mistakes. We do not want the process to become negative and damaging. We are in favour of peace and a democratic solution. Our stance in the past six months has proven this.’

Kalkan also added that they didn’t want to make a sudden decision regarding the ceasefire. ‘It is not something that is solely up to us’ he said, before pointing out that the Turkish Army were continuing military operations in all areas, and that the guerrillas would have to defend themselves.

Kalkan then went on to add that if the operations were to escalate, they had made the necessary preparations to smother and defeat the attacks. They had not been the side that had blocked the solution process said Kalkan and added, ‘This is the last chance, the last opportunity, all involved should see it like this, all parties should assess this opportunity and do what they can do. This is our approach to the issue, and we will act accordingly.’

Duran Kalkan also referred to the recent military bill. He reminded that the 2007 military bill had led to the most intensive period of war for the past 10 years and added, ‘if the military bill is renewed then this means that a period of military offensive will begin.’ Source: Kurdish Info.


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