Posted by: hevallo | October 2, 2009

Turkey’s Idea of Justice: A Kurdish Life is Worthless While a Tourist is worth £1,000,000!

This is a picture of 14 year old Kurdish girl, Ceylan Onkol.

A few days ago, 14 year old Ceylan Onkol was tending her sheep in a Kurdish village on the outskirts of Diyarbakir, when out of the sky a Turkish army phosphorus missile slammed into her groin area and pieces of Ceylan were spread all over the village.
Her mother had to walk around the village putting the pieces of her daughter’s flesh in her skirts. Pieces of Ceylan were hanging from the trees.

When the Kurdish villagers went to Diyarbakir and asked the prosecutor to come to the village to investigate he told them he could not and gave them a video camera to video the scene.

It was only three days later when the story was all over the news that the prosecutor was forced to attend the village. Still no official investigations are taking place.

This happened days ago, at the same time Turkey awarded a British tourist £1,000,000 compensation for injuries sustained in a bomb in Turkey 5 years ago.

When it comes to tourists who bring millions of pounds for the Turkish State’s war against the Kurds and the death of a young 14 year old Kurdish girl we can see clearly Turkey’s priorities in terms of justice.

To the Turkish State a Kurdish life means nothing but a tourist’s life is worth £1,000,000!
(Warning: This is the video that the villagers took of the scene. Please be warned that it is really shocking and should not be viewed by anyone who is easily disturbed by pictures of mutilated bodies)

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