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Abdullah Ocalan:"In Two Weeks it Will be Clear: Peace or War!"

Öcalan: Democratic negotiations will progress around the DTP.

Kurdish Info 5.10.2009- Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan in his weekly meeting with lawyers, drew attention to the roles of different parties and called once again for ‘democratic negotiations in a solution to the Kurdish issue.’

He also added that if a democratic negotiation process was developed it would be based around the DTP.

‘Within two weeks it will become clear whether war will continue or whether a democratic process aimed at a solution will begin’ he said.

In his meeting last week Öcalan had said that democratic negotiations should begin, this week he touched upon the roles that different parties would need to play.

If democratic negotiations begin it will progress around the DTP.

‘‘Of course Qandil and I will be involved in this process indirectly. However a lot of responsibility falls on the DTP for this process to begin. A commission could be formed within the DTP, made up of individuals who are experienced and know about diplomacy and negotiation processes, and they could prepare strong suggestions. This commission could bring these suggestions into the Parliaments agenda, they have this right.

They could also form a commission within Parliament regarding the democratic negotiation process… The second commission formed in Parliament could consist of intellectuals, writers, academics, NGO’s as well as Members of Parliament. This commission should be able to have meetings with Imralı and Qandil, the Chief of Staff, DTP and MHP and all other parties.

If this can be done it would be a great achievement. In this way the route of the democratic process will be cleared.’’

The democratic negotiation process will become clear within two weeks.

Öcalan also commented that it would become clear within two weeks whether or not the democratic negotiation and solution process would begin. He also indicated that the messages given by the state within this period would be important. ‘‘The AKP’s presentation at the opening of Parliament will be important.

It will precipitate the continuation of war or the beginning of the democratic negotiation process. This will probably become clear within two weeks. If the AKP take initiative and are brave the road to a solution could open. If the democratic negotiation process doesn’t begin, this will lay the way for violence, conflict, suppression and death.’’

Indicating that he wanted to prevent such an environment, Öcalan highlighted his situation. ‘‘The State expects a solution from me. The DTP points in my direction. No one comprehends the conditions I am in. I have been here for eleven years. Others would find it hard to stay here for 11 days; they would bang their heads on the walls.’’

Öcalan went on to comment and warned, ‘‘Current circumstances are calling for the Kurds to forsake their Kurdishness.’’ He said, ‘‘Kurds are honourable people, they will protect their identity and struggle.

If the process becomes negative, the people will decide themselves. Özal approached the issue differently; he wanted to do some things. They assassinated him. Erbakan also wanted to do some things, but they toppled him. They also paralysed Ecevit. The AKP is approaching the situation differently; they are keeping their interests above the State’s interests. This is a dangerous approach.’’

Kurdish People’s Leader Öcalan also attracted attention to the political and judicial pressure put on the DTP. He said the AKP could try and sacrifice the DTP to gain more power, and stated that the DTP could take political action against this.

Öcalan also indicated that a group within the State was targeting the DTP with operations as retaliation against the Ergenekon operations, and the AKP was keeping quiet on this.

The AKP sees the DTP as a lamb to the slaughter.

‘‘The current situation shows that the AKP see the DTP as a sacrificial lamb to the slaughter. However the juridical bureaucracy also tried to shut down the AKP. Now this group (the juridical bureaucracy) is targeting the DTP as retribution against Ergenekon. And the AKP is keeping quiet on this. The AKP don’t want the CHP or the DTP, they want the (political) field all for themselves.

This is the AKP’s mentality. They see their interests above the States interests. The juridical bureaucracy, the Sincan judge wanted to open the way for President Gül to be tried, however they weren’t strong enough. But they still exist in a strong way. Why are they trying to take the DTP MP’s to court by force when other MP’s were not taken? This must be understood.’’

Öcalan also listed what could be done against these attacks. He pointed out that the State and juridical bureaucracy was trying to limit the DTP and that the DTP needed to broaden its base of support.

For this Öcalan once again emphasised the importance of political academies and democratic municipal administration.

A mentality that kills children is very dangerous; it is a message saying we will crush you like this.

‘‘The killing of civilians is a sign of what they can do. They are saying, we can crush you like this,’’ said Öcalan, and called on democratic public opinion and people of law to uncover the truth.

Öcalan also stated that a group within the Turkish state was still insisting on war. He said that recent events were a part of the scare tactics employed and that these should be uncovered.

‘‘They killed two Kurdish patriots in Şirnex by crushing their heads with stones. They rolled their car off a cliff. This is a message, a threat. We can crush you like this, they are saying. The murder of people who are not that influential in politics is an indication of what they can do. They can kill ‘normal’ people. I read it in the newspaper; they ripped to pieces a child – I believe he was from Mardin – in Adana Reformatory because he wouldn’t sing the national anthem. As an excuse they have said that the children did it. These are organised and deliberate actions. Similar child killings happened before.

They killed Uğur Kaymaz as well. And not just in Lice, many children were killed on the coast of the Tigris. A mentality that kills even children is very dangerous. I cannot comprehend how they do it.’’

Öcalan described his efforts as trying to stop these events and called on democratic public opinion and lawyers to combat and uncover these occurrences.

‘‘Regardless of who does it, these events should be investigated and uncovered. Lawyers should protect the rights of people. These events should be trailed. The Bar Councils in the region especially should trail, investigate and expose these incidents. If it was in Europe, lawyers would raise hell; they would open ten files, collect evidence and uncover the truth. Lawyers must uncover who and what is behind these events. These deaths uncover the mentality of those behind them.’’



  1. I am a pkk supporter myself. But i am tired of hearng this. We have been hearing this from Kankal and the other generals from HPG far too many times. I understand that DTP sould be given all the focus, but at least they should not come with this statement. Thanks

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