Posted by: hevallo | November 30, 2009

Stop Turkey’s State Killing of Abdullah Ocalan!

Stop Turkey’s State Killing of Abdullah Ocalan!

Kurdish Federation in UK
Press Release 1st December 2009.

The Kurdish Freedom Movement sincerely and honestly believes that the Turkish authorities have taken their plan towards killing the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Abdullah Ocalan a step closer.

Recently the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement was moved from the cell he has been incarcerated in since his abduction from Kenya in 1999.

Far from being a progressive step towards greater freedom and improvement in the Kurdish leader’s prison conditions, Abdullah Ocalan’s new cell is far worse than the previous cell and it is widely believed that it has been meticulously and purposely designed to accelerate the death of the leader of the Kurdish people’s Freedom Movement. Such a death will be blamed on ‘natural causes’. Already suffering from breathing problems before entering the new smaller cell, the Kurdish Leader commented on his new conditions:

“My new cell is half the size of my old cell and consists of six square meters. The air conditioning here is also much worse. In order to be able to inhale and exhale air, I must stand by the window and open it. The window here is in the roof and I have no view on the outside world. The only thing I can behold is the sky. When I have to open the window in order to get oxygen, the sun burns me greatly. Even though the heat from the sun is so unpleasant, that I feel like I will get a heat stroke, I am forced to stay by the open window in order to get oxygen. I have very severe breathing problems here. “
Abdullah Ocalan, Imrali Prison Island Nov 2009.

The deliberate and planned killing of Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish Generals will have severe and serious consequences worldwide and will destabilise Turkey and the Middle East for many years to come. The International Community must not let it happen!

Press Conference: 2pm, Wednesday 2nd December 2009
Kurdish Community Centre,11 Portland Gardens, Haringey, London N4 1HU.

(For more details please contact Arzu Pesman, Kurdish Federation in UK 07960302192)


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