Posted by: hevallo | December 5, 2009

Join the Kurdish Hunger Strike outside UK Parliament!

The Kurdish community in the UK have, today, begun a hunger strike outside the UK Parliament to protest against the new repressive cell conditions of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

Please support our hunger strike by volunteering to take part and/or visiting/raising support.

We will be outside the UK Parliament for the foreseeable future and if you can support or help us in any way please do.

The future for Turkey is at the moment bleak. No meaningful change has actually been implemented. Only cosmetic promises masking a serious deterioration on the ground. DTP and Kurdish activists are being tortured at a higher rate than ever. Kurdish children are being dragged through the courts and jailed at an increased rate and extra judicial killings are on the rise.

Racist attacks on Kurds and a rise in ultra right wing Turkish nationalism is giving rise to worry that Turkey is poised to further polarise and war is imminent.

A different kind of war to anything seen previously with civil war being a real and tangible possibility.

Please support our hunger strike, visit our hunger strike outside the UK Parliament and raise your voice against the serious attack on the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s hard won rights.

Abdullah Ocalan is being slowly executed in his new cell that is designed to accelerate his death.

This must not be allowed to happen!

Because the consequences for Turkey, Europe and the Middle East are unthinkable.


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