Posted by: hevallo | December 27, 2009

Abdullah Ocalan’s Weekly Comments.

Kurdish Info 24.12.2009- Translated from Turkish version by Kurdish Info

” I am making assessments here, not giving orders as some are alleging. My leadership here is a sociological leadership. I do not have the conditions to be a political-practical leader. To attempt this from here would not be ethical. I am a man of morals, my morality is strong. I am a militant of honour. Principles form the foundation of my relationships.”

Sönmez Köksal (Turkish Diplomat) is saying ‘‘if Öcalan asks for collective rights’’ then this thing will not end, and the war will continue for another 25 years. What does he mean, is he saying, ‘‘don’t ask for collective rights.’’ Even two people coming together is a collectivism. This issue is the issue of a community. And a community is a collective. He is saying that the war will continue for another 25 years. If you do not recognise the collective rights of a community it will last another 50, 500, 1000 years. Kurds will not give up on their collective rights; we will not abandon these rights. You are banning my language. People are not able to raise their children with their own language and culture. We do not have the freedom to raise our own children in their own mother tongue and culture. This is a very frightening and unacceptable approach.

From now on the ball is in the AKP’s court. I know the pain of losing guerrillas and soldiers. I feel deep inside me, the pain of blood that is shed, I feel it deep down. An issue which is still resulting in bloodshed cannot be approached in such a shallow and cheap manner. With all these moral losses there are also material losses. Trillions of dollars were spent and are still being spent. What does this mean? This means the poverty and misery of the people of Anatolia. This means a rapid rise in unemployment. A serious and sophisticated approach must be taken if these issues are to be solved. They are indicating Spain as an example. However Spain has dealt with its internal problems, and put into practise its democratic resolutions. They were successful in solving their problems. We must also develop our own particular solutions.

I listened to it on the radio the other day. They have formed a Truth Commission in Brazil. They are going to investigate and bring to light the injustices and human rights abuses during the military regime from 1964 to 1985. They are also going to investigate the counter-guerrilla activities. I indicated similar things for Turkey, I will repeat these. For a solution to develop, a Truth and Justice Commission needs to be formed in Parliament. Why can’t it be formed? You can form the Commission; listen to what everyone has to say, you can also come here and take my views. After everyone is heard the problem can be diagnosed and resolutions can be listed. The solution of this problem is in fact this simple. If this is done then problems can be resolved. Since the heart of solving issues is Parliament, do it, who is stopping you? But no, what are you doing, using me as a scapegoat to ban legal political parties, saying I am giving directives. You cannot solve these issues in this manner. If you are indicating Parliament as the place to resolve these issues, as the sphere of democracy, then form a Truth and Justice Commission. Parliament is the platform for discussing and resolving issues. (Everyone) must believe in democratic politics and the struggle for this.

Regarding the PKK I can say this; there are autonomous groups in the PKK. Every unit has autonomy. The autonomous units are in the mountains 24 hours a day; they live in those conditions and are constantly pursued. They are surrounded by death and constantly in danger of being targeted. Due to these conditions these units position themselves accordingly and take the necessary measures and decisions to protect themselves. This is why they are not in any condition to take directives from Murat Karayılan, myself or Kandil. I have not given the PKK orders; I will not, it is their own initiative. I cannot say to anyone, do this or that for me, or put your life in danger; my conditions are not suitable for this. They have their own initiative.

We do not accept the concept of Turkish or Kurdish nationalism. The Turkism that is being developed is like a black hole; it will swallow all the cultures, languages, it will consume them and then consume itself. This (Turkism) has nothing to do with Turks. This approach they are trying to develop is ideological, it is the fruit of an ideology, and it has nothing to do with Turks or Turkishness.

I have no problem with not being an interlocutor, as long as the problem is resolved. My attitude and approach has saved the (Turkish) State and AKP government a lot of trouble. However they are not addressing the problem, they are being two-faced. A section of the AKP, and also the CHP and MHP are insisting on their classic deadlock approach. This is the Turkism that they are trying to develop. This concept of nationalism was the inspiration for Hitler’s nationalism. Hitler’s concept of nationalism was cultivated from this; Hitler’s fascism drew inspiration from them. Mussolini was also like this. This Turkish nationalism has nothing to do with Turks, it is ideological. The MHP and CHP have this understanding; this is the mentality of Baykal and Bahçeli.

Our most fundamental problem is ontological. ‘Ontology’, or in other words the problem of existence. Our problem is to be able to exist. We are struggling for our existence. This aspect of our struggle must be comprehended and approached accordingly.

The Justice Ministry Penal and Detention Affairs Director had told me to ‘be good,’ now the Administration is telling me that they cannot give me a television. They think that they can trick me with a television. They cannot ‘buy me off’ in this way. I will never let myself be used. My loyalty and allegiance to our values (the struggle) is endless. They haven’t given me a television for ten years. I will not lose a thing if it is not given now. I told them, ‘‘I am not a child, you cannot trick me.’’ I also told them that they could not approach me in a casual and ordinary manner. I said, you can kill me here but I am not afraid of that either. Think about it, what kind of mentality begrudges an ordinary right like a TV even after ten years.

They are making certain rights an issue for bargaining, I will not accept this. I do not want a television from them. People who have been given the same sentence as me, life sentences, are given televisions, but I am not. There is a double standard here… This must be comprehended well… Some people are saying that I am collaborating with the State, would the conditions of someone collaborating with the State be like this? I am saying this to people who are saying ‘‘Öcalan wants to save himself.’’ I have just asked for fresh air, to be able to live, this is a human being’s natural right. I have not asked for anything for myself. This is my philosophy; as long as there is air humans can live, I am living here.

I am repeating it once again, you can kill me here, I am not afraid of this. They are telling me to be good, to not talk, how can I not talk, how can a human being live without talking? In my philosophy, speaking, stating ideas, making assessments is both a right and a duty. Death over an extended period is being imposed on me here. A person that is hanged dies over three minutes, the practise being applied to me is death over three years. They are spreading a three minute death over many years here. “


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