Posted by: hevallo | February 10, 2010

Hevallo Publishes Ozgur Gundem’s Wallmap of Burnt Kurdish Towns, Villages and Hamlets in Memory of Martyred Kurdish Journalists.

These images are of the original maps that were pinned onto the walls of Ozgur Gundem, the Kurdish newspaper, by Kurdish journalists. The office was in Istanbul and was itself bombed and destroyed.

When another Kurdish town (like this town of Lice), village or hamlet was destroyed the journalists would mark them on the maps. Presumably with a blue or red marker pen to indicate wholly or partially destroyed.
These maps were given to Hevallo by the wife of one of those journalists who worked for Ozgur Gundem at that time.
Unfortunately, I do not have the whole area of Kurdistan and do not know what has happened to the the rest of the whole wall map.
I publish these maps and dedicate them to the memory of all Kurdish journalists who lost their lives, through torture or extra judicial killings, because of their reporting on these atrocities carried out by the Turkish regime.


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