Posted by: hevallo | February 26, 2010

Italian Government Helps Europe’s Worst Human Rights Abuser Suppress the Kurds!

The Italian government today carried out raids on Kurdish people’s Cultural Centre’s.

Helping Turkey’s attempts to ‘criminalise’ the legitimate Freedom Struggle of the Kurds the Italian authorities should be ashamed of themselves of aiding Europe’s worst human rights abuser to suppress the Kurds.
Here is a statement from a Kurdish Solidarity Group in Italy:
Dear friends

As you may have read in the press today was held in Italy a police operation aimed at dismantling an alleged network recruiting the PKK. This network would have its centers in some farmhouse in Tuscany, Veneto and Friuli. Currently no firearms were found in Italy.

I find it extraordinary how a terrorist group can train the future fighters without weapons and how, throughout Italy, has not been found even a blowgun, despite the dozens of stops made and I find it extraordinary that the main accusation has been raised is that of having held meetings to debate the political, social and cultural issues.

This will not only criminalize a political movement but a whole hard-working people who were forced to flee his homeland because of war, let us not forget that to date has led to more than 5 million refugees and the destruction of about 4,500 villages .

What to do with the fight against terrorism to destroy the pastures, fire camps, the killing livestock?

What to do with the fight against terrorism set fire to the villages?

Because it prevents people from speaking your language?

Why in Turkey may be sentenced to 10 years in prison, and without having made violent crimes, child of 14 years?

This to me is the real terrorism, not those of a people seeking only to live in peace in his land.

In light of all this I ask you an effort, even more, in this difficult period. Be close to the Kurdish people.


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