Posted by: hevallo | March 5, 2010

Armenian Vote in US, Roj TV Raids and F35 Fighter Jet Contracts!

The raids on Roj TV in Brussels has shocked, saddened and angered millions of people and exposed the lack of democracy in the European countries.
How could this happen in the political centre of Europe?
How could masked Turkish Intelligence operatives be helped by Belgium police to raid Roj TV’s offices and smash the computers linked to the transmitters shutting off the uplink to the satellite?

Well, yesterdays vote in the US calling the Armenian Genocide what it is…….a Genocide could be a clue.
Arms companies in the US were warning before the vote that billions of dollars worth of arms contracts could go to Europe if the resolution was passed. (Turkey’s Foreign Minister estimates the contracts are worth $7billion)
Europe anticipating this vote has moved against Roj TV in the hope that Turkey will withdraw its support of the F35 Fighter Jet project which it in partnership with US arms companies to produce the next generation of fighter jets.
Europe has the same project and has been lobbying Turkey hard to join its project. The contract is worth billions of Euros.
It will be interesting to watch how this now develops and if Turkey does sign up to Europe’s consortium.


  1. It is really demoralizing to hear about the Turkification of Europe, and by Turkification I mean Europe carrying out the discriminatory policies of the Turkish state on European soil. I am, of course, sad for the Kurds and our civil rights that are being violated. However, this also adds fuel to our fire and strengthens the moral right of our cause and, therefore, if Europe and Turkey think this will weaken us, they are wrong. It merely weakens Europe's moral credibility and the already non-existent credibility of the Turkish state. The Kurdish resistance will continue until Kurds are given their civil rights. They can shut us down but they will not silence us.~nistiman

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