Posted by: hevallo | March 8, 2010

HPG Military Operation Against Turkish Army at Bezele.

This was an operation carried out in 2008 against the Turkish Army Base at Bezele. The Kurdish Freedom Fighters of the HPG carried out the operation after a series of provocations and Turkish military and political suppression ignoring the ceasefire calls of the PKK.

In many ways it was a similar situation to today, the Kurdish side being misrepresented and psychological warfare of the Turkish Military Intelligence trying every way to discredit the movement.

The Kurdish side are at this point again.

This is what happened the last time!

The Guerrilla fighters carried heavy weaponry up the side of the surrounding mountains and attacked three different Turkish Army military bases simultaneously.

Over 60 Turkish soldiers were killed in this attack.

The video begins with the HPG Fighters climbing the mountain side to gain the height advantage, arriving at the place of the attack, some breakfast, preparation and …………..well, watch for yourself you may be surprised!!


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