Posted by: hevallo | March 13, 2010

WARNING: Turkish Military Provocations Being Planned for Kurdish New Year, Newroz!

Turkish Soldiers Setting up Newroz Provocation?

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Turkish Generals are planning major military provocations against the Kurdish civilian population for the upcoming Kurdish New Year celebrations of Newroz 2010.

A civilian lorry was stopped after an email was sent to the police about a lorry carrying Turkish army military guns and hand grenades that were to be given out during the Newroz time. These guns and grenades were hidden in a lorry and were official Turkish Army weaponry.
The e-mail alleged that the weapons and hand grenades in the truck would be distributed to violent groups in eastern and southeastern cities on March 21 during Nevruz, the Kurdish New Year’s celebration. The munitions would be used to foment clashes between civilians and security forces. Zaman.
And today, Ozgur Gundem, the Kurdish daily in Turkey is reporting that the Kurdish region is being flooded by extra military personel and that anybody who has tried to photograph this infux has had their film confiscated.

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