Posted by: hevallo | March 15, 2010

Ilisu Dam Protest Outside AK Bank in London! Kurdish MP "The Kurdish people will boycott AK Bank if they don’t withdraw from Ilisu Dam Project!"

Ilisu Dam Campaigners from Kurdish Human Rights Project and Kurdish Community in London were joined today by Batman MP Bengi Yildiz (holding the banner above NK)and European MEP Jean Lambert (holding the banner above the letters HA) outside the Akbank Bank, who are involved with the project to build a dam that will flood the Kurdish culturally important town of Hasankeyf.

Bengi Yildiz is the MP for Batman that encompasses Hasankeyf and so spoke on the behalf of his constituents and standing outside the AK Bank in London, made a new announcement.

“If Akbank do not withdraw from this campaign then the Kurdish people will withdraw their money, close their accounts and boycott Akbank until it does!” announced Mr Bengi Yildiz Kurdish MP for Batman (near Hasankeyf).

Mr Yildiz was joined side by side with Jean Lambert who also condemned the GAP Project and said the campaign will continue against this project that destroys Kurdish culture, heritage and suppresses human rights!

Over 35 people joined the lively demo and had prepared a letter for the bank which they refused to accept.

Kurdish and Green MP’s standing side by side to oppose the Turkish environmental and human rights disaster that is….GAP Project!

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