Posted by: hevallo | March 21, 2010

The Kurdish Freedom Struggle Celebrates Newroz but Warns of Dangers Ahead!

This was the first day of the Newroz celebrations in NW Kurdistan (SE Turkey) hundreds of thousands of people expressing support for the PKK and Abdullah Ocalan.

Yükleyen turgtsri. – DiÄ�er yaÅ�am ve moda videoları.

Diyarbakır Amed Newroz 2010 (3) – YÜKSEKOVA HABER
Yükleyen turgtsri. – Yepyeni haber videoları

Today in Diyarbakir over one and a half million Kurdish people came out to support the Kurdish Freedom Struggle and call for Dialogue with Abdullah Ocalan to solve the Kurdish Question in Turkey.

At the same time Murat Karayilan warned that if the Turkish state continues to ignore the peace calls of the PKK and continues to repress and jail Kurdish activists and attack Kurdish Freedom Fighters, then, inevitably, the war will continue. He warned that the HPG (People’s Defence Forces) cannot continue to leave the Kurdish people defenceless and warned that it is up to the Turkish authorities wheter they want war or peace!

At Newroz 2010 it is, again, clear!

The Kurdish people are ready for peace but if need be they are also ready for war!



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