Posted by: hevallo | April 3, 2010

Kurdish Civil Rights March to Birthplace of Abdullah Ocalan on his Birthday, 4th April.

Tens of thousands of Kurds will march today and tomorrow to, Amara, the birthplace of Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish leader imprisoned on the Robben Island type prison cell on Imrali Island off Istanbul.

The Kurdish people are poised on the edge of a provocation from the Turkish Generals and Army in an attempt to draw them into armed conflict.
The backdrop to today and tommorow’s marches is the Turkish state’s continuation to deny some of the basic realities of the Kurdish Question in Turkey and continued stagnation in any political developments on the demanded changes to the Turkish constitution, a constitution that was designed by the Turkish Generals after the 1980 coup to keep the Kurdish people out of politics and denied any representation.
A constitution that was designed to forcibly assimilate the Kurds into Turkish society by banning the Kurdish language, Kurdish culture and Kurdish history.
The Turkish Generals are determined to provoke the Kurdish side into continued war and bloodshed. So desperate are they that the Turkish Generals Psychological Warfare Department are continuing to make up stories. Yesterday the Turkish media repeated the Turkish Generals verbatim by reporting that 5 Kurdish guerrillas had been killed by the Turkish Army.
Designed to provoke this story was categorically denied by the military leadership of the Kurdish defence forces, HPG and shows how the Turkish Generals are trying to stoke up tensions ahead of this annual march to the birthplace of Abdullah Ocalan in Amara, Urfa.
Last year two youth were killed by the Turkish Army, one young student was killed by a gas cannister fired directy at him. Blood pumped out of his head and he died instantly. Hundreds of others were injured and detained.
This year is set to be struck with perhaps more serious provocations from the Turkish Generals side as they try to rachet up the tension to provoke the Kurdish side to continued war which benefits them and justifies their existance at a time when many are questioning their role in Turkish politics.
If only the worlds media would flock to Amara today and tomorrow and witness the Kurdish civil rights struggle as they did in Derry in 1968.
Thousands of Kurds on the Streets in Europe!
And over 10,000 Kurdish people marched today through Brussels protesting at Europe’s acquiescence of Turkey’s genocidal crimes against the Kurdish people.

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