Posted by: hevallo | April 10, 2010

Turkish Military Plants Explosive Mines to Kill Turkish Soldiers With the Sole Intention to Blame the PKK!

A scandal that would occupy the agenda for months in a European country is considered as a normal event in Turkey. Everything is expected, anytime. Anything can happen at any moment. But the recent scandals are too much, even for Turkey.

The dirty business of the military is being continuously exposed to daylight, and people are starting to say, “This is too much.” The excess in such disclosures is obvious from the polemics that erupt among generals. As in polemics among politicians, retired generals blame each other. But behind all these accusations are several investigations and arrests being conducted into the shadowy networks within the military, with the most comprehensive and all-inclusive Sledgehammer (Balyoz) coup plan at the center.

Exploding mines

A recent scandal on the public agenda came out of a prosecutor’s investigation. This time, however, it is not about a coup, but the land mine explosion that occurred in the Çukurca district of Hakkari and claimed the lives of seven soldiers last year. The incident was initially classified as an attack by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). As a result of an investigation conducted by the Van Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was discovered that the mines actually belonged to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). That is, the soldiers died because of the detonation of a mine laid by their own military. It can be described as friendly fire.

This incident indicates that some members of the military shared blame with respect to it. A lack of coordination or discipline led to this tragedy. However, the real scandal is about the other parts of the story. The military officials knowingly covered it up and put the blame on the PKK. The prosecutor’s investigation uncovered the truth.

This incident is similar to the attacks on the military outposts of Dağlıca and Aktütün. The PKK had allegedly attacked these outposts, killing many soldiers, but later it was found that there were several negligent acts by military officers that worsened things in those incidents. Despite the fact that they had been informed of the attack in advance, they had not taken any preventative measures.

The scandalous aspects of the mine explosion tragedy are not limited to these. Two high-ranking military officers, a lieutenant general and a brigadier general, who were at fault and who covered it up, are also suspects in the Sledgehammer investigation. In other words, this big scandal is the work of two generals who are obsessed with politics.

The logic of Sledgehammer

The comprehensive Sledgehammer coup plan of 2003 had details that horrified the general public. Bombing mosques, provocative attacks on military units, triggering a Turkish-Kurdish conflict and creating an economic crisis formed the main framework of this plan. The probe into it is under way. Numerous high-ranking military officers are testifying. Due to the demands for the arrest of several generals, there have been interventions by the judiciary. Several prosecutors were removed from office. With a dubious decision by a judge, almost all of the detainees were released. Then, the court decided to arrest them again. The tremors are spreading within the military. A voice recording which seemingly belongs to a major, recently made public, reveals incredible details of the Sledgehammer coup plan. This recording gives us important insight into the fantasy world and perception of politics held by military officers who prepared these plans.

Anarchy is needed to bring welfare. Dangers should emerge in order to find peace. There must be threats to ensure security. One must fight for peace. Isn’t it a big dilemma? However, these opposites do not produce synthesis, but only reveal the irrational world of the subversive generals. The audio recording gives us clear hints about the world in which the “anarchy for welfare” paradox is formulated. It shows how the triggering mechanism for the arson the subversive generals are intending to start operates.

Fight for peace

“Anarchy is required for this country’s welfare,” says the major. The word “anarchy” here refers to an environment of insecurity where violence rules, not the idea of opposition to all sorts of authority. “You will create chaos in this country,” says this officer. “You make Turks and Kurds unable to leave their homes,” he adds. What does that mean? He suggests that provocations must be implemented to trigger a strong conflict between Turks and Kurds. The assassination of the prime minister and the crash landing of the plane of the chief of General Staff are included in these provocations.

These sentences, this form of reasoning, these ideas all summarize the emotional world of a plan we all know. They sound very familiar to our ears. Bombing mosques after the Friday prayer and dragging the country into chaos represent the main theme of the Sledgehammer coup plan, which was prepared in a calculated manner.

This world is an irrational world. A sick mind that believes that a country can be managed or that all sorts of problems can be solved by using the weapons they have, by bombing places, by killing people and by sowing the seeds of hate among people. There is an external problem? Then assassinate several people. There is a political problem that cannot be solved? Then bomb several places. Society can be managed more easily by creating chaos. The people that are in the grip of fear and worries will surrender to the barrels and brace for peace and welfare.

The military common sense

A very important document published by the Hürriyet newspaper shows that then-Land Forces Commander Gen. İlker Başbuğ opposed the Sledgehammer coup plan. Başbuğ knew about the plan and raised an objection, saying that the planners “are going beyond the routine.”

It is clear that there is a subversive strand within the TSK. But the main body of the military does not approve of this strand. A majority of military officers believes that a military coup will drag Turkey down. This is the reason why crazy coups are not conducted. However, the subversive generals are organized. The non-subversive generals are not within this organization, except for their official positions. For this reason, the subversive generals are noisier.

Still, the disclosure of coup attempts and shadowy networks within the military is made possible by these non-subversive military officers. These military officers monitor the developments in a prudent manner.

The remedy, which will be endorsed by these prudent military officers, is to open all military institutions and military transactions to inspection by Parliament and the government. The National Security Policy Document (MGSB) should be rewritten by the Cabinet. It should be announced that the country’s defense priorities are determined by the civilian authority. The number of military personnel should be determined by the government based on these priorities. All military expenditures, including the budget, should be opened to review by Parliament and the Court of Accounts. All major military tenders must be approved by Parliament. The military tenders must be held by the civilian authority.

All of these changes will benefit the military’s prestige and legitimacy.

The security of the country is the exclusive job of the military. An effective and deterrent military can be the result of a strong popular will and support. The scandals emerging one after another within the military and the ongoing investigations have helped the institutional flaws of the military come to the fore. These scandals offer opportunities for correcting these flaws. Zaman.


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