Posted by: hevallo | April 14, 2010

What Sort of People are These so called ‘Turkish nationalists’?

Ahmet Turk, an elderly Kurdish gentleman with known medical condition was ‘beaten’ and punched by a ‘Turkish nationalist’ perhaps with the guidance from the Turkish authorities.

Yesterday Kurdish people all over Turkey and Kurdistan protested against that assault on the Kurdish people’s representative.

During those protests, a small boy was beaten by Turkish authorities in Hakkari! (picture above)

What sort of people are these so called ‘Turkish nationalists’?

What sort of ‘nationalism’ and character leads these animals (apologies to animals) to act in the way they do against, old men, women and children?

Where is their honour and self respect?
It is the anniversary of the Kurdish side’s ceasefire today…….how much longer?

gerginlik son 14 nisan site icin
Yükleyen erkancapraz. – Güncel haberleri izleyin
Hakkari Reacts to Attack on Ahmet Turk.



  1. a war will break out soon. The time is almost there. The Kurdish people can only take so much. There is a saying you can not fill a coup that is already full ( in this term with anger). If they continue like this, it will be a war and I am not talking a civil war since we are no citizens of turkey.

  2. Why is that all armed Turkish police can beat the hell out of a 13 year old kid and still act like they are heros? Perhaps it's time Kurds stop using the words like peace and brotherhood and start taking revenge for every act committed by Turkish forces. The turkish state doesn't understand what civility is… One must speak the same language to communicate.

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