Posted by: hevallo | April 29, 2010

Kurdish Info Is Back! But Needs Your Help!

Kurdish Info is back after a long pause.

Kurdish Info is an amazing site that tries to bring as much information to readers in many different languages but is only run by, as far as I know, by one person.
This is a heavy burden for one person to carry.
If anybody could please volunteer to help with translation or editing for Kurdish Info please contact them on their website.
Information is vitally important in putting the Kurdish issue to the wider audience as Turkey’s lies and psychological warfare department are all encompassing and on our side we need to provide the truth.
Our greatest weapon is the truth and our greatest enemy is silence.
Please help!


  1. I'm willing to help..

  2. I would be interested in helping Kurdish info… I have been wondering why he has not been active that much anymore.I have experience in IT/HTML and I do speak Turkish, German, and english. But I would prefer to translate in English and German, or do other works that are IT related.If you want the help please let me know by emailing me under this email

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