Posted by: hevallo | May 18, 2010

Hevallo Can Retire! Firat News English Website Launched!

Great news!
There is now an English language site on Firat News Website.
Everyone should bookmark it and read it regularly!
I do happen to know that they will need help and anybody who can spare some time to proof read, translate or edit news articles from Turkish/Kurdish to English please contact me.
In the meantime Hevallo can look forward to retirement!
This from the new site:
Firat News is able to publish exclusive photographs of the great Kurdish director Yilmaz Güney. Güney won the Golden Palm in Cannes in 1982 with his masterpiece Yol (The road), which he directed from prison. Güney escaped from jail and flew to France. He was able to complete Yol that was then sent to Cannes and nominated as Golden Palm along with Costa Gravas film Missing. In 1983 Turkey stripped Güney of the Turkish citizenship and banned all of his films. It was only recently that Güney was rehabilitated in Turkey and his masterpieces made available to the public there. The Kurdish director, who was born in the village of Yenice (Adana), on 1 April 1937, managed to shoot his last film, Duvar (The Wall) before dying of cancer in Paris.

Now, 27 years after he won the Golden Palm, ANF is able to show never published before photographs of that event.




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