Posted by: hevallo | June 8, 2010

Kurdish Freedom Movement To Declare Autonomy!

Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) is preparing to declare “democratic autonomy” Murat Karayilan, the president of the KCK Executive Council, said.

KCK was forced to end ceasefire after Turkish state failed to declare a truce of its own and will take unilateral steps to solve the Kurdish question, Karayilan told ANF Turkish.

“If Turkish state won’t take certain steps for a solution and targets this ‘democratic autonomy, then we will have no choice but to develop a solution under the framework of democratic confederalism” he said.

Karayilan harshly criticised Turkish state and told we did everything on its part for the establishment bilateral truce but AKP and Turkish state are not sincere when it comes to solve the Kurdish question.

HPG Guerilla Operate Road Controls in Erzincan.

Karayilan also said there is no relation between Israel naval attack to Turkish ships and HPG’s attack to the naval base at Hatay and labelled the claims “immoral”.

The naval base in Hatay became a target for the Kurdish guerrillas after Turkish army’s recent operations, Karayilan said.

Karayilan also warned that the guerrillas may target Turkish army in western Turkey.



  1. Its about damn time

  2. hello,I live in Istanbul Turkey. Can you give me a brief explanation of why this ceasefire stopped? As far as I know your guys were attacking bases regardless of your ceasefire. Why had the ceasefire started and why did it begin again?will they start targeting tourists again in order to effect tourism in Turkey? Im planning a vacation down south for 2 days if I can arrange work and I dont want to get killed in a bus bomb. thanks.

  3. Turkish ET, I suspect your question is a cynical one but of course you can only ask this question if you are supportive of the Turkish supression of Kurdish rights in Turkey.Just have a look around my website and you will see in chronological order posts over the last year that propose peaceful solutions to the Kurdish issue time and time again. Every single proposal has been either ignored or been answered by increased suppression of the Kurds.Kurdish parties banned, Kurdish children in prison for no more than joining street demos against the supression of Kurdish rights.Kurdish politicians handcuffed like criminals and imprisoned for nothing more than their Kurdish identity.It goes on and on………relentlessly!So at some point, obviously, the Kurdish side will then respond.Even at this late hour the Kurdish question could be solved if there was the political will from the Turkish political elites.But Erdogan cares more for the Palestinians than for the Kurds.The Kurdish people have no other choice but to resist the denial and persecution of their identity.I'm sure that you can continue your life in Istanbul without feeling any effect of the war against the Kurds. The Turkish army have been bombing the Qandil mountains for months with heavy artillery. So I'd advise you not to go to the Qandil Mountains for your holiday!!!

  4. Turkish E.T., you are a real E.T., an extraterrestrial. Ever heard of Mehdi and Leyla Zana; about DEP, HADEP, DTP, Ahmet Turk, Akin Birdal; probably you have forgotten about Ahmet Kaya, Hrant Dink; ever heard about the Kurdish children in Turkey's prisons. Mr Abdullah Ocalan started the fight against Turkey because he concluded that Turkey was not prepared to talk with Kurdish politicians and give the Kurdish people their legal civil and human rights as Kurds. He has tried so hard and so many times to find an peaceful solution. It is a shame that the Turkish state still sends their young men in in a useless war. Erdogan, Gul and Basbug are fully resposible for the killing of so many young men.

  5. While I did not see any benefits in the PKK's decision to end the cease-fire at the beginning, and I hoped like every other Kurd for the Kurdish initiative to take root, I realize now that there was really no solution in store for the Kurds. The Turkish government's two-pronged policy from Day 1 was to offer an illusion of peace to the Kurds while at the same time attempt to annihilate the PKK militarily and imprison and dehumanize the Kurds' legal political representatives in Turkey. Removing the Kurds from the Kurdish initiative is no solution at all. It was merely a ploy to weaken the AKP's main opposition in Kurdistan.Even throughout the cease-fire, the Turkish military did not cease its attacks on the PKK. Obviously, while the escalation of war does not benefit the PKK or the Kurds, nor can PKK sit idly by while the noose around the neck of the Kurds tightens. So, I completely agree with Hevallo and Paul. The Turkish state is morally responsible for the deaths of the Turkish soldiers. The state is in a position to end the war and instead, it persists to resort to violence. The PKK remains ready, willing and able to end the armed struggle and so they will continue to have the hearts and minds of the patriotic Kurdish people.~nistiman

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