Posted by: hevallo | June 20, 2010

Kurdish Youth Should Not Join The Turkish Army!

Concerned because of the rise in the number of suspicious deaths of young men while serving in the military service, conscientious objectors and families of soldiers who died under suspicious circumstances, are going to work together to find out the reason of the deaths and try to bring the responsible to court.

The members of Conscientious Objectors Platform for Peace were prevented from holding a press conference about the increasing number of soldiers who died under suspicious circumstances.

Ersin Sedefoğlu, spokesperson for the Platform, said that “The ‘initiative’ did not come true. Indeed the state is using even a more violent approach to address the Kurdish question. Suspicious deaths in the army left behind blood and tears. You need to listen to the voice of peace instead of war, if you are really want to establish peace. This is why the operations need to be ended immediately.”

Meanwhile the Families of soldiers who died in suspicious circumstances held a press conference at the Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch and asked true information about Serhat Yildiz, who died in Gaziantep Military Unit, and Murat Polat, who died in Adana 6th Army Corps’ Prison.

In a single year, said the families 28 soldiers died under suspicious circumstances while only last month 4 deaths were reported.


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