Posted by: hevallo | June 23, 2010

Turkish State Soldier’s Mother Speaks Out!

DIHA 22.06.2010 – Husnucemal Saydam, mother of the killed soldier Mutlu Saydam, criticized the military and government saying; “Saying ‘Long live homeland’ doesn’t work for a mother who lost his boy on duty. The military sent him to the mountains as a commando after 15 days military training. How could it be possible to make a boy into commando in 15 day? I sent him alive and they sent back him to his home in a coffin. ”

Mutlu Saydam was one of 11 soldiers killed in Hakkari. His body was brought to his home in Arifiye district of Sakarya. The Saydam family did not accept a military funeral and allow organized people from all around Sakarya to participate in the funeral. The family made a funeral for family members only. Saydam family is one of forced immigrants who moved out from Mus to Sakarya 20 years ago. Their son, 21 year-old Mutlu Saydam, was in a boot camp in Sivas then sent to Hakkari. He was killed just 59 days before he was due to be discharged from military.

His mother, Husnucemal, asked the authorities during the funeral: “Why is it that no commander, minister or rich people’s sons are dying? All the martyrs are from poor or Kurdish families. They are putting our children in danger. My son was so young and he had never seen a gun in his life. I do not want to say ‘Long live our homeland’ because it doesn’t help my pain.”

Mutlu Saydam’s brother Nazmi Saydam also criticized authorities by saying that; “We want everybody to live in good conditions and without being forced to kill or die. Those who have benefit from ongoing war don’t allow us to live together in a human way. We do not want anybody to die. We do not want to be forced to say, ‘I’m happy because I’m a Turk’. I’m calling on the military and government to finish this war as soon as possible and before more deaths occur.”


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