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KCK "We Will Declare, ‘Democratic Autonomy’ for Kurdistan soon!

AKP and the Turkish state through their political and social genocide policies want to destroy everything related to the Kurdish identity.” said vice president of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) Cemil Bayık.

Cemil Bayık stated that the war lobbies do not want Kurdish problem to be solved and these lobbies are well organised in Kurdistan. He reiterated that they are facing systematic attacks by the Turkish side.

He also said that they will declare ‘Democratic Autonomy’ for Kurdistan soon. “Guerrillas’ self defence position as well as the serhildans (civil uprise by the Kurdish people in the cities) will aim at protecting, developing and keeping it alive and liveable” added Cemil Bayık.

He further stated that they want to solve the Kurdish problem on the base of a democratic autonomy and said “What we want to do now is this. In a near future we will officially. ‘Democratic Autonomy’ is implying Turkey’s relating with the Kurdish people.”

The statement of the vice president of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Democratic Confederation (KCK) Cemil Bayık as follows:

“Guerrillas’ self defence position as well as the serhildans (civil uprise by the Kurdish people in the cities) will aim at protecting, developing and keeping ‘Democratic Autonomy’ alive and liveable. It will be a process in which the will of the Kurdish people will develop in the political, social, cultural and economic fields. They will be able to establish their free and democratic life style.

These are the different sides of our new self defence position and serhildans which we are to develop. They will be aiming at protecting, developing and keeping ‘Democratic Autonomy’ alive. The serhildans will develop in a way to empower Kurdish people’s will and extend it in order to decrease the domination of the Turkish state over the Kurdish people. This should not be interpreted as destruction of the state or replacement of it with another power. The aim is creating the democratic social organisation and a system in order to give the Kurdish people the opportunity to govern themselves. This means protecting the existence of the Kurdish people and creating its free future.

We are trying to develop a ‘Democratic Autonomy’ in order to restore democratic confederationalism to a political and democratic body which is our alternative democratic communalism system. We are also trying to clarify that on which bases we will regulate the relations between the Kurdish people and the Turkish state. In other words, we will reveal that on which bases want the Kurdish people solve its problems with the Turkish state and in which conditions they want to live together.

We wanted to solve the relations between the Turkish state and the Kurdish people on the basis of a democratic republic within the borders of Turkey. On which basis want the Kurdish community unify and live together with the Turkish community and the state within these borders? ‘Democratic Autonomy’ will be the answer for this question and the solution for the question. However, our one sided democratic political solution method did not reach any conclusions. Since the Turkish state responded to our reasonable solution proposals negatively, our endeavours to solve the problem on the basis of democratic autonomy and in democratic way have been sabotaged. Therefore, we are trying to realize ‘Democratic Autonomy’ with own affords.

We want to solve the Kurdish problem on this basis. If the Turkish state is willing a solution then we can realize ‘Democratic Autonomy’ together with the Turkish state. In this way the Kurdish problem will be solved throughout negotiations with the Turkish state. However, if the Turkish state does not want to do so then we solve the problem again on the basis of ‘Democratic Autonomy’. What we are trying to do now is this. Soon we will declare it officially.

While developing and promoting autonomy we will be developing democratic confederalism which will be the social and democratic basis of the solution.

The Kurdish people will be able to organise their own education system, economic, social and political system as well as their democratic institutions. Based on these, they will reveal their own democratic political will and administration. Whatever they need will be in the centre of their social organisation. They will depend on anyone else but themselves. ‘Democratic Autonomy’ will be implemented in this way. As a matter of fact, it has already been partially implemented. We need to develop and promote it. It gradually needs to be the complete democratic solution and democratic political system of the Kurdish people. ‘Democratic Autonomy’ and democratic confederalism should be built up one within the other and all together.

We took this decision in 2007 during the 5th General Assembly of KONGRA GEL. WE decided that if the Turkish state does not take any steps for a democratic solution and insist on its denial and destruction policy then we will build up our democratic system in the axis of state and democracy approach. We call it a-state solution. We are implementing the decision now which we took during the 5th Assembly of KONGRA GEL.



  1. this sounds great and all, but when is the time to declare autonomy?When will the Kurds rise up and defend their future gained freedom?

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