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President Ocalan "The Kurdish Revolution Will Extend!"

If negotiations do not start then Kurdistan Revolution will extend. PKK cannot be destroyed with professional army or technological weapons. Moreover, there is a risk that the clashes might escalate in cities. In that case everybody will lose but the state at most” said Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

In the course of his lawyer visit in Imrali High Security Prison Öcalan also reminded the basic conditions for a solution. A bilateral ceasefire, establishing Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and legal framework and constitutional guarantees.

Regarding the statements of Ilker Başbuğ, Chief of the Turkish General Staff, who told MP’s of pro-Kurdish BDP to leave the parliament and go to mountains while criticising them for attending funerals of Kurdish Öcalan said: “Başbuğ is repeating himself. It is the reiteration of a tried but failed approach.”

Kurdish leader further stated that he finds it important that BDP is opening a representative office in Hewler (Arbil) the capital of Kurdistan Region in Iraq. “It is important to have representatives in Brussels or in Washington but most importantly in Hewler because the people there are our own people. It is even too late while more than 500 Turkish companies are already there.” added Öcalan.

Öcalan’s statement as follows:

Autonomy promises by Mustafa Kemal

“The Kurds have played a vital role in the “Independence War” and this role found its place in 1921 Constitution. Mustafa Kemal promised autonomy for the Kurds. These promises can be found in the parliament reports. However, he neutralised by İsmet İnönü and Fevzi Çakmak as well as British. The British have sacrificed the Kurds.”

Three Suggestions 

“I have three practical suggestions for the government, KCK and BDP so that the Kurdish problem can be solved:

First, there should be a bilateral ceasefire complied with by the both sides.

Second, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like it was established in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid. This commission should be composed of experts. A parliamentary commission can also be formed in which experts, intellectuals and NGO’s can take part. The commission can hear all the sides of the conflict including myself. Then they can find the truth out, share them with public opinion and then reconciliation can be reached. It is not as difficult as it looks. It worked in South Africa and there is no reason why it should not work here too.

In a parallel way, the PKK forces can be gather in a certain area under observation of an international organisation such as UN. They can wait there until a solution is found and then the thirds step comes.

Third, bringing the PKK guerrillas back home. Not like the one in Habur [Peace delegation sent by the PKK upon the request from Öcalan on 19 October 2009], but en masse. All the guerrillas can arrive together. The security aspect can be discussed with KCK. BDP can work on a democratic constitution and the other political parties can contribute it. It means if the problem solved with in a legal framework and under constitutional guarantee then the weapon can be laid down.

Salvation for all

Some are manipulating my position and suggesting that I am trying to save myself. These are cheap approaches. A process which I am not a part of cannot be successful. This is clear. I do not have an aim of saving myself. If there is a salvation then it will be for all of us.

Either solution or revolution

For a peace process negotiations should be held. And if it does not happen then revolution starts which I explained in my previous meeting. And once they start they are uncontrollable. Turkey is confronted by such a risk. It should not be seen that I am giving tactics to PKK in order to increase the conflict. What I am doing is determining the facts. Because the PKK also has its own methods.

I am sorry for soldier deaths as much as I am sorry for guerrilla deaths. I endeavour to prevent these deaths. Neither CHP nor MHP not fake Islamists can solve this issue. They are still talking about operations, bombardments, killings. PKK cannot be destroyed with professional army or technological weapons. There are still Kurds all over joining the PKK. Moreover, there is a risk that the clashes might escalate in cities.

And if the war escalates then there will be radical groups from both sides which can make the problem more complicated and unsolvable. In that case, everybody loses but the sate at most.”

Öcalan also stated that he was given letters sent to him. 
Source:Firat News


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