Posted by: hevallo | August 8, 2010

Kurdish Freedom Movement to Declare Democratic Autonomy

Murat Karayılan said they will declare the details of their democratic autonomy next week. He further said while they are supporting the boycott and they consider the AKP’s constitution draft as the Treaty of Lausanne in which the existence of the Kurds once again denied. “We should ignore such a constitution which ignores the Kurds. The provisions counting everyone Turkish are remaining. Therefore, this constitution which is a fruit of a military coup of 12 September 1980 should be boycotted all over Kurdistan. However, we will not actively take part in it.” added Karayılan.

Regarding the statements on autonomy in Kurdistan from the mayor of Diyarbakir Osman Baydemir, Karayılan said: “Democratic Autonomy is the only way to solve the problem. There are many other cultures all over the world living all together in peace. It is based on the principal of respecting each other. And mayor of Diyarbakir made it very clear about what they want. However, the response from state minister Cemil Çiçek was immoral. He was not only insulting a mayor but also entire Diyarbakir, entire Kurdish people and the autonomy project. The minister is such a person who was complaining about the fact that Turkish state has failed to assimilate the Kurds and it is a way to reject the autonomy demands from the Kurds.”

Karayılan further stated that they will propose the three suggestions made by the imprisoned Kurdish Leader Abdullah Ocalan last week and if the state rejects them and insist on war then they will use their own dynamics and power to realise an autonomy.

Karayılan also reminded the fact that autonomy was one of the principals of the Ottomans and the Kurds have always been autonomous under the Ottoman rule. He further stated that autonomy is a decentralised administrative system giving more rights to the locals and it is against the one state, to nation, one language approach of the Turkish state which was recognising the right to autonomy of the Kurdish people in earl 1920’s.

Karayılan further said that the autonomy should be supported by the intellectuals as well because, if they can today criticize the army in Turkey it is a result of the struggle conducted by the PKK and the Kurdish guerrillas. Source: ANF News Agency



  1. Hi.i've been reading a while tru your blog ,i must say impressive!keep up the great work!

  2. Hi.i've been reading a while tru your blog ,i must say impressive!keep up the great work!

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