Posted by: hevallo | August 23, 2010

>Kurds Want Peace! Turkish State Knows Only Racist Murder and Hatred!


By Hevallo

Whats the point of having a ceasefire now?

The Kurdish Resistance have tried over and over again (Chronology of Ceasefires: Peace efforts of the Kurdish Side 1993-2010) to pursue peaceful political means to attain legitimate rights and justice for the Kurdish people in Turkey.
A people discriminated against for centuries. A people who the Turkish state tried assimilate and annihilate.
A people who have suffered the most horrific indignities and racist war crimes.
Another ceasefire called to give hope and a possible route to peace shattered by the racist Turkish army who know and want only war.
The Kurdish side has given the Turkish state every possible chance to stop it’s economic and political decline by offering ceasefire after ceasefire.
The Kurdish side have only shown restraint in their military actions targeting military posts and economic targets in the last couple of months since ending the last ceasefire.
It is only a taste of the real power that the Kurdish side could unleash if the political decision was taken. It would be a decision that would finish Turkey’s hopes of economic success in the world. It would be a decision that would finish Turkey’s ‘paradise preserved’ image and dreams of becoming an energy hub from East to West.
The Kurdish side knows this and restrains itself.
But by killing 4 brave young guerrilla freedom fighters, 20th August, (pictured above) while the HPG/PKK have called a ceasefire with good intention shows the racist mentality that still exists within the Turkish state.

It is an autistic denial without any depth of analysis and could lead Turkey to economic disaster.
Any observer can now see that Turkey faces the wall.
It is left with no other option than to negotiate a peace deal with the Kurdish resistance and to solve this issue which can no longer be denied nor ignored nor deflected.
It is losing the support of Israel and the USA and others are losing patience.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently appealed to Prime Minister Erdogan to use his offices for a peaceful solution. An appeal that was also ignorantly ignored.
A peaceful settlement!
Otherwise the choice for Turkey is disintegration and economic collapse.
That is as clear as the nose on the end of my face!
And is becoming clear to many Turkish journalists and intellectuals.
Sehid Namerin!

I’m sure many Kurdish people will be coming to same conclusion:
“What is the point of a unilateral ceasefire when the Turkish army continue to kill our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and grandchildren?”

“We have achieved what we have achieved thus far by armed struggle and unimaginable sacrifice.

The Turkish State has given not one millimetre, our martyrs have achieved everything……… let’s finish this!”

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