Posted by: hevallo | October 14, 2010

>Dark Clouds Gather over Kurdistan! Silver Lining or War?


It is not the first time that we have all had our expectations and hopes raised only to be dashed against the rocks.

There is a quiet period going on.
What is the next move by the Turkish side.
We are all waiting.
Unfortunately, as usual the signs are not good. Roj TV, the voice of the Kurdish people is under attack again with a court case against it brought by Danish authorities under pressure from Turkey.
The Turkish government has chosen this time to extend it’s mandate for cross border attacks on Qandil.
Kurdish newspapers, MP’s, Human Rights activists all face increased suppression and oppression in Turkey.
After initial reports of meetings with the Kurdish leader there has been no further meetings and Abdullah Ocalan is warning of a ‘low intensity war’ if there is no movement before 31st October, when he will withdraw and allow decisions to be taken by the military leadership in Qandil.
Many commentators are warning of some plot being hatched by the Turkish authorities, some provocation and wicked plan to again, attempt to eradicate the Kurdish Freedom Movement by trickery, lies and treachery!
As usual, the plans will only further the Kurdish cause deeper.
Never, has the Kurdish people’s will and desire for freedom been greater.
Never, has the Kurdish people’s strength and political power been greater.
Never, has the Kurdish people’s military resistance been of such high moral and strength.
As usual the Turkish side are stuck, incapable of moving in a way that will bring freedom, peace and prosperity to the Turks and Kurds in Turkey and Kurdistan.
As usual it is the Kurdish side that shape and dominate the agenda.
That bring proposal after proposal and push the change.
The Kurdish people’s promise is peace and democracy in Turkey but it is just a question of when the Turkish side realise and embrace it!
We all watch for the next Turkish move!

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