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The Kurdish leader’s Friday notes, badly translated by Google:
But you will get the main message:
To date, stating that the PKK and Ocalan Kurds applied three times a conspiracy, “this government can define the period of the previous periods of conspiracy periods black conspiracy. Now, the green plot in the conspiracy period, the period of the green counter, “he said. Ocalan, “then I do not exist to wait until October 31, break and withdraw CSM process will take longer,” he said and warned: “Medium-intensity war at the door.”

Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan met with lawyers. According to information from the interview, referring to reports about the death of Ozal Ocalan, “Ozal’s death is discussed in the media plenty. His brother, Korkut, “I do not doubt my brother was murdered, killed in the exact” diyormuş. Earlier in this definition did not speak, for the more comfortable talking to approximate age of death, fear of people talking. I made the first detection of this issue before. Ozal to discuss the day with me was killed. I’ve been killed in the first telling. That period was a period of a conspiracy. Ozal’s killing of the solution to the Kurdish question, a komploydu facing us. Conspiracy in 1925 now looks like happened. 1925 is a major conspiracy plot. You know better, you need a good grasp. The Kurds were purged ’25 conspiracy. He started from the date of Mustafa Kemal kuşatılmaya, Çankaya is closed, no grace in a symbolic manner. It was like a kind of isolation. Ismet Inonu, the patient died, the news is in your bed and leave her children inherited. This is already an extremely isolated from the world.Ozal was killed. Before World War II in the death of Mustafa Kemal, also questionable. Because the balance of the Second World War, Mustafa Kemal, as would be the decisive one, so we had no place in the second world war! Ecevit’s death brought to the right of American intervention in Iraq, just like before. All of these sieges centered in London at that time. There were five generals from the War of Independence that time these “five generals” were called. Four of them were liquidated, except someone. Kazim Karabekir such a powerful commander, were liquidated. Other generals also Orbay Rauf, Rifat Bele, Ali Fuat Cebesoy them were liquidated. This is an important kuşatmaydı. “He said.

PERIOD OF FOUR conspiracy

Ocalan said: “conspiracies against us was also very important, there are four conspiracy period. First, Ozal’s murder conspiracy in the First Period: The Ozal, came to the Kurdish problem in a bold. “This is the exact problem to fix, you must solve a mathematical problem,” he said. His son Ahmet Ozal, gives precise information on this subject. “My father wanted to solve this exact job,” he says. At that time besieged Ozal, everyone who wants a solution within the military were purged. Esref Bitlis, Aydin Bakhtiar as she saw the pro-term solution for many officers, they saw an obstacle for the killing, were liquidated. Talabani also have important information on this subject. Talabani, “we at the same solution with Esref Bitlis fikirdeyiz” he said.Talabani ’93 ‘in it told me. At that time, some intellectuals, such as the liquidation whether Ugur Mumcu was killed. “

Conspiracy SECOND PERIOD: ’97, ’98 ‘took place at. At that time, Erbakan, more intimate, more closely approached the settlement. Erbakan, more honest than Kurtulmuş’a. The others escaped, such as “ready to resolve all kinds of out of Ocalan,” he says. Which is connected to the center of this sentence shows that he already went to disperse, not come to them in a more. Erbakan had also Özal’da as well as a pure and accurate. Also had intercourse with us. ’97-98 period had contacted us, both civilian sector and military sector. Gladio was so strong, however. I read an article in Gazatesi’nin Party. “Who is hurting this period?” He asked. The right question. Solution at that time when everything was made into the plot.

Conspiracy THIRD PERIOD: tested in 2003-2004. The Kurds break through this period, a new style of conspiracy was exposed. At that time were not successful.

Now the ‘conspiracy FOURTH TERM’ faced with. My point has cleared Erdogan’s position. Some definite things that I can easily say now. Hakkari eylemiyse event if certain contra, if anything to do with the organization, it shows several things.


This government can define the period as the previous plot periods Periods Black Conspiracy. Now is the period of conspiracy in the period of green conspiracy. Black and green plot of this period are different stages of the plot. Black conspiracy jitem’e periods, kontraya, itirafçılara was given unlimited authority, the beginning of the street, everywhere, was given the authority to manslaughter. For example, Musa Anter and killed in the middle of the street, many street during the day in the middle of it and many other cities such as Diyarbakir, killing our people. This authority was given to them by the state itself. He was tied to the top of the Turkish Gladio’su himself. Tansu Ciller, Dogan wrestling they were giving orders. All of these murders occurred within the knowledge of them.

Ozal immediately after being killed is not coincidental that the team has become stronger. Turkish Gladio’su at that time in Italy, as an obstacle to easily öldürebiliyordu everyone sees, that the killing of Ozal. Just as Gladio in Italy, killing everyone sees as an obstacle. Italy is known Gladiosu even killed his own prime minister. They killed one of the prime minister acts outside of the standards that will be shifted from alliance with the Communists killed. Gladio in Turkey also acted in this way. But the Turks, then became an independent üstekilerden Gladiosu-contrast-Ergenekon or longer, his head was gone. Karadayi “we’re not including them” he meant it. Kıvrıkoğlu’na the assassination of Cyprus held a lead, graze the back of his arm was worth a colonel. During this period, and the team was so strong a Gladio’da Agile. Lots of things tied to them. In fact, this conspiracy was responsible for an Agile Ergenekon file name goes.


Current old-style murders in the plot, fail-i unknown processed. Hakkari event a little different. Then I will to it. I used these killings işlerdi Gladio, Gladio was given full authority to handle these crimes. However, in this old-style green plot does Gladio-contra. So the only one murder in the early street, here and there during this period will not kill the man. Everything is now in a new style to a new understanding takes place within the knowledge of Erdogan, Erdogan can not operate without the knowledge of one murder, one does not have the authority to murder. A response to the issue of Hakkari, killing an imam there. Event of the destruction of 10 guerrillas based in Ankara, Ankara, to come and have done the operation. Both the explosion in Hakkari and the destruction of our people that the killing of 10 guerrillas, the response to the killing of the Imam. That the order itself, Ankara, Ankara sent a team of special places and there is going to bomb. It is clear to me. Erdogan’s statement about the imam’s mouth caught your event with a two-sentence I understood it. Washington’dur This green plot center. Washington-based progress.


Washington, saying it like this been thought only to be understood Fethullah Gulen, Fethullah Gulen’s role here is simple, it too must büyütmemek. There are other much more important. Reflected in the news, some of the Turkish pilots who fought for the Taliban in Afghanistan, these relationships are very much intertwined, and is known to different dimensions. Hunter Hanafi imams in his book, talks about organization of imams. Each unit is responsible for the imams said. These organizations will be aware that doing some of the descriptions. I organize all these new green plot, call it the green counter. They are organized at each location.


Conducted last international diplomacy, for the liquidation of the organization as a result of these studies raises the following. Turkey on those accounts, that is, in some foreign countries-forces are not yet ready to tackle the problem. One of them is the solution yakalayacaktı unprepared, so it was understood that they are not ready yet.Because of the history of the Kurdish question, there are accounts of a century. This plot is getting ready for the Kurds since 1920. Bozacaktı these accounts and they have the solution, so a solution that they are not ready yet. This is the center of an international conspiracy in Paris, is Berlin, and Moscow with other birçoğudur. Of course, these studies to be conducted primarily in Washington. More besiege, probably in the kapatacaklardır Roj TV channels. Why now are in favor of the AKP so, property details: I used a kind of Europe did not accept the AKP. But now admits.Accept that some deals, wants to pull off some concessions. It is played on the Kurds in return for bargaining and concessions. Korkmasınlar Kurds. These alliances are not forever. This alliance is split. The Kurds should maintain their own works in the same way. They will not give any results in this diplomatic game. Here in Israel, Turkey-Syria-Iran ortaklaşmasından been disturbed, so I was taken back to the alliance with Turkey, the United States also is disturbed by this situation.


’99 ‘On me I’m calling from the liquidation may be those who want to prepare plans.However, I did not come to games, these conspiracies, Could not any of the liquidation plans. We shall not dwell in the blank here. Some here say the fight is a great romp. But it shows zavallılıklarını Kurdish intellectuals, not understand. This kavgamızı, can not comprehend them, not resolve.


Ecevit, some more than others and bağımsızlıkçıydı Kıvrıkoğlu line. There were some games played in the efforts to halt this reason. Of course, I can accept certain things in exchange for delivery to Turkey but did not want to do everything well. Later, Ecevit also took us to death. The Prime Minister went to Diyarbakir in 2005, “the Kurdish problem, my sorunumdur, to fix,” I would take as Ecevit Turkish Gladiosu him, but agreed. Sledgehammer, such as during the coup plan, the AKP was four. Later, the Prime Minister agreed that Gladio, agreed on some principles. Together we decided to manage. But the Erdogan-Bush görüşmesiyle Gladiosu-Ergenekonunun Turks out of control part of the liquidation decision was made. However, the Erdogan-Bush görüşmesiyle some important negotiations with Turkey in the international arena have agreed to this. Erdogan-Bush meeting, Erdogan gerçekleştireceklerine liquidation of the Kurds and Ergenekon, withdrew plans to blow like Sledgehammer to believe the liquidation process was initiated. Now uncontrolled much longer period of green conspiracy will not occur. A new green counter-active. This is a new style counter.Erdogan’s new-style relationship with contra aydınlanırsa Dortyol full size of the event will appear.


Conspiracy conspiracy in the fourth period, or green, you want to say about women.There are women’s size in this period. During this period, most women’s self defense is important. Direct honor yaklaşmıyorum approach, the woman cerebral, spiritual, physical protection of the talking about himself. Erdogan’s “do the three children” is not a description of six blank. Take That girl Rize Mayor says Kurds. This discourse is not so simple. Rize on its own says it, the mayor, Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks with the knowledge. Tayyip Erdogan, the mayor says that in his time, söyleyemediklerini.These are a particular plan, part of the conspiracy. Ağrı far as I know a girl ages 12-13 Rize, I think there is a way to gather nuts Rize’liyle met the press this is a great “love” is shown as. How do I love this one! Do 12-13 year-old girl will love! Working there, a girl went to collect nuts, very bad working conditions, physical facilities needs, such a profile was obliged to live under better conditions. Families also gives it approval.Although there is no need for the other side much more educated in their regions, although it prefers the girls!

In fact, this is not a normal marriage or love, a slavery, a treatment to slavery. The girl as a slave to run away, use the. I am for this girl “Painful victim” using the definition. I think this figure Ağrı yaygınmış marriages. Pain is also common in brass knuckles.Urfa and Diyarbakir is also partially. For example, from Urfa Malatya girl being taken to the Black Sea had been an accident. This is a conscious policy of the period of green conspiracy. Here is a relation with the region through the development of Kurdish families in this way was taken to the girls. For example, in Diyarbakir Kepoğlu Black Sea had been a daughter of the family. This family has a population of 13 thousand people. In this way, through these families is aimed to evolve a cultural genocide. Kurdish girls not think I made a normal marriage, of enslaving them completely, is intended to use their services. In fact, his own around the girls, daughters of the Kurdish people but I have read and more suitable for their own understanding of their surroundings, not consciously chosen Kurdish girls! A thousand Kurdish girl in this way the Black Sea, taken from Kayseri, a thousand ilişkilenmek Kurdish family, this means that thousands of families to get under control and cut their own community. From the first girl in a matter of Ağrı, TOKI gave a home.But it did so in a planned way reklamnı. Mardin raped, the victim was a girl. The first event, then raped the girl, “I keep doing this to make money,” he said. The judge made the reduction of consent on the grounds that criminals infractions.


Written a book about her life, not only this, that on issues such as yoğunlaşılmalıdır.There are also known incidents of rape in Batman. Boarding schools in the region is very common in these types of events, planned, they need to be very careful. As examples of this saydıklarım have thousands of samples. There are events in Siirt.Raped and killing of young children. Women in a society that society suffered cultural genocide is over, something that society does not. Yet in a society girls are being raped and hundreds of people, including one where it happens that the community is over. Well Women’s organizations is doing what? Half the system serves. Women’s institutions, educate girls, bilinçlendirmeliler. Congress should create a women’s institutions, the Congress must necessarily undertake a permanent, must work day and night without stopping. Batman, Siirt, Mardin rape incidents, there are events that I mentioned. Them and should. Our efforts on this issue we have to apply here.

All this is the result of policies of this period. In other words, the Kurds, a large pençesindedir cultural genocide. I say I’m in ours, I suggest, Freeman co-Theory. I use this concept. Savunmamda also pointed out this issue. I lanetlemiyorum all marriages, I do not condemn. However, on the basis of a marriage should be consistent with freedom. Marriage is significant in this sense are consistent. I say this about the Kurds, should give special attention to the education of their daughters, should protect their daughters. Own daughters, their children must make their own education, training places for them açmalıdırlar. Çıkmalıdırlar with their children.Kurds in the grip of a huge plan of genocide. In fact, I defend the name of the new “Cultural Genocide grip of the Kurds as” I gave.

Withdraw on October 31

I actually pulled earlier. However, they came to me in 2006, wanted to help me to peace. I have been calling for a cease-fire for peace in 2006. Now I realize that 2006 is actually a better planıymış liquidation. He made a research about the period. Five years from the date of this effort I am working for peace here.

31 October 15 days remaining. I’ll wait until the end of this month. I have a solution for you until the end of October 31 do not you go, then karışmayacağım at Kellen. This game is not coming, no explanation will not do not come to me on the basis of the solution. If you come to me for solutions to their own opinion, I shall state at that time.But in summary let me tell you: As I mentioned earlier, “the two protocol” repeat my opinion. The first is the security protocol, the second protocol of democratic rights, the constitution is in it. I have written before, the issue of the letter also indicated that these two protocols. I wrote the letters did not get the answer yet to the State and Qandil. I do not exist to wait till October 31 after that, break, withdraw, and now the process will take you to KCK, KCK gives itself its own decision.


Here’s the “medium-intensity war” at the door. All kinds of defense, strengthen the positions of self-defense. Carry out this work with the people. Yesterday the Assembly passed the stretcher allowing cross-border operation. Was the secret meeting of Congress, how much it does seem to be hidden. Diyarbakir and NGOs in the region of the state, the government’s genocidal policies that do not have much information about, do not know. Government implements the policies of genocide, without creating any notice shall include all the Kurds, the genocide. They are so individual interests, but a few holdingle approaching tomorrow, they remain under the possible orientations themselves. Yapamıyorlarsa Nothing should remain at least neutral. If you have a solution to bring the NGOs in the region do not accept the formula that Ocalan did not agree when they say. But the formulas do not have a solution, then at least in this state policies of cultural genocide NOT instrument, so this or that party to vote for it, is not a matter of yes or no referendum.


Imams should be very careful about that, the correct approach the imams. Democratic imams in mosques in the region should take the task. This work should take the people’s democratic imams. In the same way other democratic issues in the region in the area of democratic organizations, trade unions and others üslenmelidirler task.Their children should watch out for the Kurds. Ağrılılar go into having children. Send my special greetings to our people Ağrı’daki. Diyarbakir, Van and Mus send my greetings to our people. Also send my greetings to our people in Armenia.


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