Posted by: hevallo | October 18, 2010

>Turkey and Denmark Try to ‘Criminalise’ a Legitimate Freedom Movement.

The Turkish and Danish Governments are this week trying to ‘criminalise’ the Kurdish people’s Freedom Movement with ‘show trials’ in Turkey and Denmark, designed to criminalise a legitimate movement for political and human rights.

It is extraordinary how this farce is allowed to continue and many are rightly analysing these two events as a turning point.
Unless they are both dismissed and a process of political and peaceful negotiation begin between the representatives of the Kurdish people and the Turkish Government this week will be seen as the week when an opportunity for peace was murdered.
The leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement, Abdullah Ocalan has already warned that if there are no significant movements towards solving Turkey’s main issue, that of the rights of the Kurdish community in Turkey, then he will withdraw himself and the political military strategy will again be brought to the table.
This time however, the times have changed.
Now the Kurdish Freedom Movement is poised, primed and ready to begin the last leg of an epic freedom struggle that has seen tens of thousands of ‘martyrs’ to the cause of Kurdish freedom.
It is a shame and in fact criminal that the European countries have aligned themselves with a fascist regime that has attempted to annihilate a people by cultural and physical genocide by providing arms to Turkey and aiding in the psychological aspects of ‘criminalising’ the victims of that genocide.
The Kurdish people are watching, very closely, to how the events will unfold in the coming days and weeks as Turkey puts yet more Kurdish people in jail for their identity.
And Denmark acquiesces in that racist ‘criminalisation’ process.
Enough, really enough!
Self defence is no offence!
This is Turkey’s ‘Rivonia’ trial. The Treason Trial of the Kurds in Turkey!
This is a big turning point!
This from Zaman Newspaper……..

In the courtroom — which is too small to hold the many observers, including foreign observers, and the almost 300 lawyers working on the case — the suspects spoke in Kurdish and asked the court if they could deliver their testimonies in Kurdish. But sources close to the suspects underlined that even if the court will not allow them to speak in Kurdish, the suspects will do so anyway.

During the first hearing, before the suspects were officially identified, the court told the suspects that they could say “I am here” when their names were read. The suspects said, “Ez li virim, ez amademe,” which means “I am here and ready” in Kurdish.

The chairman of the Diyarbakır Bar Association, Mehmet Emin Aktar, said, while speaking in the name of the defendants’ lawyers, that the trial is a historic one and added that the suspects will defend themselves in accordance with their political identities. He also added that in order to save time there is no need to read the indictment, which is 7,500 pages, in court.

On behalf of the suspects, former deputy Hatip Dicle delivered a short statement and said the suspects are representing the people. He added that in democratic countries representatives of the people are not arrested. “At the center of this trial stands the Kurdish question. In a period during which the laying down of arms is under discussion and the search for a democratic solution to the problem has accelerated, this trial should never have existed,” he said in court.

The suspects are expected to stand trial in rotation. Because of this, the trial may run for several days. The Diyarbakır 6th High Criminal Court will not hear any other cases until Nov. 12.



  1. >Kerdogan will go to Germany and ask for education in Turkish for the IMMIGRANTS there while denying Kurds of their very basic rights in KURDISTAN. And now with the KCK operation and trial the Turkish state and government make their stand again. The Kurds NEED to start discussing separation.

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