Posted by: hevallo | November 3, 2010

>Hantepe and Taksim…..Murders, Timed to Cover Up Major Human Rights Reports Condemning Turkey?

On the 1st October 1996 Amnesty International launched a major report condemning Turkey for gross and systematic human rights abuses. On the same day there was a massacre of teachers working in a Kurdish village of Hantepe.

Egitim Sen, the teachers Union sent a delegation to investigate the massacres, together with other human rights groups and it was proved that the Turkish State had carried out the massacre to blame the PKK on the SAME DAY THAT AMNESTY LAUNCHED ITS MAJOR REPORT.
Could it be that the bombing in Taksim Square, 1st November 2010, was perpetrated by the state, designed to overshadow and direct attention away from the major report released by Human Rights Watch about Turkey’s treatment of legal protest as ‘terrorism’ ON THE SAME DAY AS THE BOMBING?
There is a pattern here of psychological warfare and ‘dirty operations’ so enquiring minds would like to know.

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