Posted by: hevallo | January 11, 2011

>Mehmet Ali Birand: "Ocalan Needs A TV!"


Öcalan needs a TV

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The Turkish Republic issued Abdullah Öcalan, the jailed leader of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, a role in the Kurdish issue. This is the impression you get when watching from a distance. He speaks up whenever he wants to, his every word becomes a headline and, more importantly, the PKK and Kurdish-origin citizens stick to Öcalan’s directives. Öcalan is the leader of an important part of the Kurdish segment.

When considering the above it seems a reasonable approach to provide Öcalan the opportunity to watch TV channels. It is impossible for Öcalan to follow the ever-changing country by only listening to TRT FM or his lawyers and reading some papers.

On the contrary, he’d be in a better position to make healthier decisions when he receives more information about actors on the political stage and better perceives the sensibility of the Turkish public. A leader with insufficient information feed cannot channel very well.

To provide a TV for Öcalan is not to be perceived as “a reward” but a necessity for the above reasons I stated.


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