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>Free Life Party of Kurdistan Press Release on Iran’s Political Killings!


700pjak-logo.jpgOn 15th January we heard that the Kurdish revolutionary Husen Xizri was executed by the Iranian regime in Urmyie prison. Firstly we do remember the martyr hero Husen Xizri, with the code of Hemin Urmyie, and to express our deepest reverences, we do bow in front of this great martyr. We do offer our condolences to Leader Apo, all the comrades and activists of liberation movement, the Kurdish nation as well as the family of the martyr.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is committing this crime while a new political context is dominating the region and new political agenda- conspiracy- in the Middle East in general, and against the Kurdish nation in particular is coming to the fore. This conspiracy is directed by Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syrian states as well as some other Arabic regime of the Middle East. Iranian regime and the government of Justice and Development Party in Turkey, try to reinforce Islamic concept and solidify their own political-ideological conviction in both the region and the world. Within that framework they have initiated a range of meetings among themselves as well as other Arabic powers of the region. They seek to form an alliance against the intervening side led by the US and against the Kurdish resistance movement. The visiting of these powers in Istanbul was the starting point of this conspiracy. In the summit of Turkish national Security Council, decision was made to assault on the project of democratic self-rule in North Kurdistan, and the Turkish Prime Minister emphasised on the denial and the destruction of the Kurdish people. To justify their plot they sought to bring Iraqi president Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, into their alliance.

Talabani’s statement in relation to the prematurity of the project of bilingual life and the democratic self-rule in Turkey would indicate his participation in this conspiratorial concept. In the meantime a number of the leading figures of Hezbollah were released from Turkish prisons; decision is made to establish Iraqi Hezbollah, the Iranian Foreign Minister is visiting South Kurdistan meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, and convenes with the Iraqi Shiites. Concurrently, the Iranian regime is initiating a range of assaults on our nation in East Kurdistan as well as our party, PJAK. To justify their offensives, they took advantage of Hoshyar Zebari both as a member of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), and the Iraqi Foreign Minister. Zebari’s statement in relation to calling our party as “terrorist” indicates both his participation in this conspiracy and his fulfilling dimension to this concept.

With no doubt, in the past time, when conspiracy against our nation was directed, the plotters had tried to legitimise their actions by including some Kurds. This time again they have followed the same pattern and have taken advantage of the Kurdistan Regional Government along with some figures in the Iraqi government. As the consequences of the reliance on the foreign forces to protect their individual and tribal interests at the detriment of the national interests, this time again, they are taking part in such concept to gain the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As we have already mentioned, the responsibility for the execution of Kurdish political activists in the Iranian prison, in particular the execution of Hussein Khezri lies on Hoshyar Zebari.

As mentioned, this new plot is an all-inclusive conspiracy against total annihilation of Kurdish nation which includes all parts of Kurdistan and do not leave out any groups of the Kurds. It is not only against our party, PJAK and it wont end by the execution of martyr Hussein Khezri. It’s, again, well evident that the occupying powers of Kurdistan are adamant in their policies of denial and annihilation of the Kurdish nation. Not only they are not ready to reply to the Kurdish call for a peaceful and democratic solution, but they do respond to the Kurdish demand with new conspiracies, offensives and massacres.

In such a manner they seek to impose subjugation and obedience on the Kurds and want to end the concept of resistance and liberation in Kurdistan. To achieve this end, they have long been trying to threaten our people through the arbitrary arrests and inhuman acts of torture and executions; this tactic is widespread in the Iranian prisons. They seek to defeat the Kurdish political prisoners and to destroy the will of our people through the use of tortures, executions and other inhuman methods. But the heroic standpoint and the historic resistance of Kurdish revolutionaries in the Iranian prisons have negated all these tactics. In the latest case, the heroic stance and resistance of martyr Husen Xizri, once more proved to the Iranian government that subjugation and capitulation is, in no way, accepted, and once more he revived the spirit of self-sacrificing path of Kemal Pir, Ferzad, Shirin, Agid, Ali, Fesih, Ferhad and all other Kurdish martyrs.

As the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), we condemn such executions and brutalities against our comrades, Husen Xizri, and once more we manifest our preparation and vigilance against any offensive and anti-Kurdish concept and we give an appropriate response, well-deserving martyr Xizri’s heroic struggle, to the Islamic Republic of Iran and make the enemies our nation repentant about their acts. In the meantime we take an altruistic and self-dedicating struggle as a paragon in all areas of our struggle and we put all efforts to deserve the heroism and self-sacrificing path of our martyrs.

Within that framework and with the purpose of taking an appropriate stance against such offensives and in order to stand for our heroic martyr, we declare the date from 15 to 22, as the week of resistance to “annihilation, betrayal, and mercenary”. We call upon our nation in all parts of Kurdistan to project their position against such offensives by taking various sorts of campaign. We call upon them to stand for their martyr particularly for Husen Xizri, and repeat with us the slogan of “We condemn the concepts of annihilation, betrayal and mercenary; we develop an authentic revolutionary line”.

We also call upon all the Kurdish groups, political parties, individuals, and intellectuals, civil and human right activists to take stance against such an overwhelming conspiratorial concept in order to solidify the national unity. We call upon them to develop their campaign and take practical step to prevent such anti-Kurdish concepts.

Once again we do remember the heroic martyr Husen Xizri and we pledge to scale up our struggle in all areas of our resistance movement. The martyrdom of Husen Xizri refreshed the moral and inspiration of our nation and our party’s activism and we are determined in his path.

Revolutionary Greetings
Coordination of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), 16/01/2011


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