Posted by: hevallo | February 10, 2011

>Egypt’s Facebook and Google Revolution. Social Media Lessons for Kurdish Freedom Movement!


The protesters on Liberation Square/Tahrir Square today published their very own newspaper. The front page of the paper is shown above.
By Hevallo

The first Kurdish newspaper was also published in Cairo, Egypt on 22nd April, 1898 by the Bedirkhan family.

Midhet Bedirkhan said of the newspaper:
“The Kurdish people are not aware of what is happening in the world and in their neighbourhood. I have put myself to the task of producing this newspaper-God willing-every fifteen days. I have named it ‘Kurdistan.’ In this newspaper I emphasise the importance of education and science. Wherever there are great schools and institutions I shall report to the Kurds. I shall also inform the Kurds about any war that is taking place, about the deeds of the great imperial countries, how they fight and how they trade. No one has ever produced a newspaper like this, mine is a pathfinder.”

Since that time of course the Kurdish media have faced all sorts of challenges, suppression, resistance and finally renaissance!

Fast forward to now and we are witnessing a digital revolution on the streets of Egypt.

Wael Ghonim, the google executive who is now the Egyptian people’s chosen representative has dubbed it the Revolution 2.0!

The lessons are obvious for the Kurdish resistance movement and of course there are many inspiring examples of Kurdish media not least Roj TV, Ozgur Gundem (link has been tampered with by Turkish State), Azadiya Welat etc that communicate effectively to the Kurdish audience!

But online I cannot but feel that the Kurdish Freedom Movement needs to concentrate on it’s message to the ‘outside’ world and how it presents it.

ANF is a news agency and does that job perfectly.

But I think here, of site’s like Kurdish info and HPG’s English page.

Having done a brilliant job at getting out information under incredibly difficult circumstances I think that the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s leadership should put time and resources into developing blogs and internet sites that effectively present the Kurdish Freedom Struggle’s position to the International Community and the online world. And to concentrate on how to expand their influence.

Modern, attractive, interactive and exciting sites and blogs need to interact with the world’s media and attract young people and effectively inform and gain support for the Kurdish Freedom Struggle. There are examples out there of this beginning to develop sites such as Rasti and Kurdistan Commentary are encouraging but we need many, many more!

Most of all there needs to be an understanding of how to relate to the media and how to present issues coming from the Kurdish people’s profound struggle for freedom in a way that gains support, sympathy and solidarity.

Let the Kurdish online Revolution begin!


  1. >Very true – and important!

  2. >Yes, we need more blogs and websites…and also a way to get more visibility for the ones already online.KB

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