Posted by: hevallo | February 16, 2011

>15th Feb 1999. Kurdish March in London Against Kidnap of Abdullah Ocalan.


Pictures by Hevallo.

The Presidency Executive Council of the People’s Union of Kurdistan (KCK) Statements 15.02.2011-

“We condemn the 15 February International Plot that has just marked its 13th year. This plot attempted to deprive the Kurdish people of their freedom and will-power in the personage of our leader Apo and aimed genocide. We gratefully commemorate “Our Sun Can’t be Blacked Out!” martyrs who turned their bodies into a ball of flame against this plot.”

When Kurdish people’s history is examined it shall be seen that whenever our peoples have taken a step towards internal unity and free future the dominant powers have tried various plots to suppress such a desire and to annihilate them. These, unfortunately, have been successful to an important degree. Similarly when the history of our struggle is examined it shall be seen that there were many deceptions and plots staged against our leader and hence our people too. However all of them were invalidated by the resistance shown by our leader Apo and Kurdish people.

The recent 15 February International Plot, which stands out above the rest in terms of its scope, methods and its consequences on our people’s history and was developed on the basis of a more comprehensive concept, has now been invalidated by our leader Apo’s in depth foresight and grand resistance together with our movement’s and our people’s heroic resistance and sacrifices.

This plot was led by the US and included the international forces of capital and reflects all the dimensions of capitalist modernity’s mentality. Therefore this plot has not only been invalidated but with our leader’s historic defences that lays down the paradigm of the next hundred years our struggle has been ever more strengthened. Indeed, the third leadership birth which shall influence the next hundred years has occurred. At the same time the guerilla forces, who have renewed themselves both strategically and tactically, have attained significant results with their ability to manoeuvre and good performance. On the other hand the Kurdish people who have not left their leader idle for a day since 15 February 1999 have continuously been protesting, displaying a heroic resistance and some falling martyrs. Hence a resistance which is in line with that of our leader has been adopted and pushed to a significant level.

Although the international plot has not achieved any of its aims and has been totally invalidated today AKP wishes to eliminate the Kurdistan Freedom Movement and realize the aims of the plot. Hence the plot which was to a greater extend disabled is wished to be rejuvenated through new policies and tactics by the AKP. However the integrity between our leader, movement and people have become ever more strong to the point that the freedom movement can no longer be defeated and overcome. The freedom movement that has advanced on this basis has carried the Kurdish question to a resolution process.

The period we enter with the 13th year of the plot is the time when we should remove all the damages created by the international plot. This aim can only be achieved with our leader Apo’s freedom and the solution to the Kurdish issue. The aim of Kurdish people is now “Free Leader, Democratic Autonomy”. The period we have entered has such characteristics and hence puts before us the duty to implement the correct approaches so that the international plot is totally defeated.

Our people have declared 15 February as the ‘Bleak and Genocide Day’ to mark the period that began on 15 February 1925 and wished to be ended on 15 February 1999 with the capture of our leader Apo. Traditionally today all protests reach its peak. We hence call on all our people to keep their honour fast, freeze life in all areas and raise the movement of serhildan (uprising) through which the necessary response shall be given to the international forces.

Patriotic people of Kurdistan shall strengthen its honourable stance of the past 12 years in the 13th year of the plot and shall not only protest what has happened but also shall this year take the struggle to its grand success. The period we have entered imposes on all of us such an inescapable emergence.

We, therefore, call on all the cadres, activists and all our patriotic people to handle duties of the period with utmost responsibility and knowledge and to participate ever stronger in our march to put the international plot in its rightful spot in history. “


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