Posted by: hevallo | February 22, 2011

>Libya’s Twitter Uprising! Lessons for Kurdish Freedom Movement in Turkey.

>The uprising in Libya is ongoing with many martyrs sacrificing their lives for freedom.

The total lack of coverage and access for journalists reminds me of the Emergency Law Area of NW Kurdistan, (SE Turkey) when Turkey was carrying out it’s systematic policy of razing Kurdish villages, towns and hamlets and persecutiong a war of anihilation against the Kurdish population.
A war that was hidden from the world and most Turkish people too.
With the age of computers and mobile phones, Twitter and Facebook there is more opportunity to expose the brutalities and horrors of Turkey’s policy towards the Kurds.
For the Kurdish issue, social media is paramount in getting message out.
Shamefully, not enough young Kurdish people are responding to social media opportunities in the ‘activist’ sense.
There are many who use Facebook for ‘social’ aspects of their lives but do not think to use the media as a way of informing others about the plight of the Kurds in Turkey.
Twitter has played an important part of the uprising in Libya and is a very effective way of raising issues to a wider audience.
Twitter is called ‘micro blogging’.
Download Twitter here.
Then all you do is build up a list of people that you would like to influence or get news from by searching for them and ‘following’ them. You will then recieve what are messages which can contain links and text. You too can send ‘messages’ to your list of contacts or people who are ‘following’ you.
From what I understand, having only started using Twitter myself recently, the most important thing when sending someone a message, say about Kurdish repression in this case’, is to find well written articles in English or whatever language your working in and provide the link with a short sharp text that includes the words of the subject.
You must also include the hashtag, which is this, # when you put this in front of the word of the subject it ‘tags’ it and so it will also appear in that subjects column. So for example if you want to tweet about the Kurds in Turkey you will somehow include those words with the #, like this,
#Kurds, #Turkey
So if you were sending a tweet about Mad Dog Gaddaffi you could write something like this.
This is the Mad Dog #Gaddaffi ranting like an insane psychopath in #Libya.
It would appear with the link workable. This is blogspot not twitter. If you do want to see Mad Dog Gaddaffi ranting like a lunatic then press here.

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