Posted by: hevallo | February 24, 2011

>Last Chance of Political Solution As PKK Ceasefire Runs Out!

Democratic Society Congress’s (DTK) head Ahmet Turk said there is nothing left to do on their side to preserve unilateral ceasefire which was declared by the PKK last August. Speaking to a group of reporters in Turkish parliament DTK co-chair Ahmet Turk said all efforts to achieve a permanent peace was shown by Kurdish politicians.

Mentioning that the Kurdish Question has now entered a new phase Turk said now its Turkish NGO’s turn to organize and put pressure on the Turkish government to take concrete steps to solve the Kurdish Question.

Turk commented on the negotiations between Turkish state officials and Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and said that they will wait for the outcome of the negotiations. Turk insisted that if Turkey sees its future in a democratic and peaceful Middle East, it has to act immediately to solve the Kurdish Question.

But Turk underlined the fact that Kurdish Question can not be solved with the classical denial approach of the Turkish Republic.

Speaking on Kurds demand for autonomy Turk said Kurdish people has no intention to separate their homeland from Turkey or to form an independent state. “Kurdish demands are for living together.

Out understanding is based on equal, free participation of all ethnic groups to the politics and administration” he said.

Turk called the Turkish government to put a project on the table before it can expect anything from the Kurdish side.

Turk said Kurdish side had expectations from the Turkish state but no positive step was taken by the Turkish government since two years although Kurdish side called for a peaceful settlement of the problem.

“Ceasefire is an opportunity for peace. If this opportunity will not be seized the risks will be higher” he said.

Chronology of Ceasefires

Peace efforts of the Kurdish Side 1993-2010


March, 17 1993 General Secretray of the PKK declared the first ceasefire

December, 14 1995 Mr. Abdullah Öcalan Declares Unilateral Cease-Fire to Test Turkey for the Cause of Peace

September, 2 1998 PKK Announces Ceasefire in Turkey

February, 15 1999 On the 15th of February, 1999, the President of the PKK, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, was

handed over to the Republic of Turkey

August, 25 1999 PKK Begins Withdrawal from Turkey

October, 1 1999 As a sign of goodwill the first peace group was send to Turkey.

October, 29 1999 The second peace and democratic solution group was send from Europe to Turkey

December, 10 1999 PKK declares its support for the EU-membership of Turkey.

January, 202000 Peace Project

December, 4 2000 The Urgent Action Plan for Peace and Democracy

June, 19 2000 Urgent Demands in order to prevent the war and to promote the peace process

April, 16 2002 Duties on Democratic Liberation on the 8th Congress of the PKK

December, 22 2002 Urgent Peace Proclamation

April, 15 2003 Proclamation for A Way out of Turkey’s Impasse

August, 2 2003 Road Map for a Peaceful and Democratic Solution, of The Kurdish Question In Turkey,

Declaration of KADEK Executive Council

November, 15 2003 Final Declaration of the Foundation Conference of the People’s Congress of

Kurdistan (KONGRA GEL)

June, 1 2004 ’We didn’t declare war we are in self-defence’

March, 20 2005 The declaration of Democratic Confederalism

20th of August to 20th of September 2005: Way for peace and a democratic solution hence

contributing to the development of resolution process.

September, 30 2006, Decision for a Ceasefire by Kongra Gel 2nd Interim Session Assembly Meeting

October 17, 2007, The war decision was accepted by the Turkish Parliament, the occupational

operation started

February 21, 2008, The Turkish army bombed the Medya Defense Areas many times and carried out

an invasion operation against the South Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Areas

April 13, 2009 KCK decided for a cease-fire

June, 1 2010 KCK declaration of the self-defence

August 13, 2010 KCK declared the unilateral cease-fire from 13 August 2010 to 20 September. 2010.


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