Posted by: hevallo | February 24, 2011

>Peace and Democracy Party, BDP announces it’s election strategy.

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Co-Chair Gülten Kışanak announced that the party took the decision to give support to independent candidates in general parliamentary elections in June.

Making a statement after the caucus at BDP Central Office, Kışanak said they are aware that elections will be held under unequal conditions, adding; “However, we will take all risks and keep our workings going, aware that the struggle for democracy requires consideration”.

Giving information about the ceasefire, BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş marked they don’t know whether the ceasefire will continue or not, saying “What else can be asked from a power that has announced a ceasefire?

The government has wasted this process by not taking any steps so far. Now it’s government’s turn. The point is not meeting or not meeting but if the government asks for a meeting we will evaluate it as party”. Source:Kurdish Info

The Kurdish Regional Government also issue 17 point plan for reforms in Kurdistan after recent Kurdish uprising against corruption and nepotism.

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