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>KCK Anounces End of Unilateral Ceasefire!

>Kurdistan WorkerS Party/Partiya Kakerin Kurdistan, (PKK) announced the end of the unilateral ceasefire which was declared on 13 August 2010.

The umbrella organization of the PKK, Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a written statement and declared the end of the ceasefire which was on force since last August. The organization blamed AKP government’s negative politics against Kurdish people.

But KCK said the guerrillas will now attack the Turkish army but will stay in a self-defense position. “Our guerrilla units will follow an active-defense strategy” the statement read.

Active-defence means -as previously defined by the PKK- that Kurdish guerrillas may target the military if there is a preparation of an attack and can make retaliatory attacks.

KCK blamed Turkish government on the failure of the peace process and said that Turkish side continued military operations against the Kurdish guerrillas and it’s campaign against the Kurdish politicians.

According to ANF’s statistics more that 40 guerrillas were killed by the Turkish army during the unilateral ceasefire period. At least 800 Kurdish politicians were also arrested since last August.

KCK said it tried every way to build a peaceful dialogue with Turkish state to find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish Question but there was no response from the AKP government.

KCK listed the reasons which led it to end the unilateral ceasefire as follows:

1- The operations against the Kurdish guerrillas and politicians continued but the number of the operations were lower than usual due to the season.

2- The demand of Kurdish politicians to defend themselves in their mother language was not recognized by the Turkish courts. Their right to defend themselves were denied, no one was released and the trial became a political trial.

3- The prison conditions of our leader Abdullah Ocalan was not improved. The dialogue between him and the state did now reach to a level of negotiations.

4- Although there are excavations of mass graves no Truth Commission was formed.

5- Turkish government did not lower the election threshold.

KCK called all the democratic political powers to show united stance against the Turkish government.


Chronology of Previous Ceasefires

Peace efforts of the Kurdish Side 1993-2010

March, 17 1993 General Secretray of the PKK declared the first ceasefire
December, 14 1995 Mr. Abdullah Öcalan Declares Unilateral Cease-Fire to Test Turkey for the Cause of Peace
September, 2 1998 PKK Announces Ceasefire in Turkey
February, 15 1999 On the 15th of February, 1999, the President of the PKK, Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, was
handed over to the Republic of Turkey
August, 25 1999 PKK Begins Withdrawal from Turkey
October, 1 1999 As a sign of goodwill the first peace group was send to Turkey.
October, 29 1999 The second peace and democratic solution group was send from Europe to Turkey
December, 10 1999 PKK declares its support for the EU-membership of Turkey.
January, 202000 Peace Project
December, 4 2000 The Urgent Action Plan for Peace and Democracy
June, 19 2000 Urgent Demands in order to prevent the war and to promote the peace process
April, 16 2002 Duties on Democratic Liberation on the 8th Congress of the PKK
December, 22 2002 Urgent Peace Proclamation
April, 15 2003 Proclamation for A Way out of Turkey’s Impasse
August, 2 2003 Road Map for a Peaceful and Democratic Solution, of The Kurdish Question In Turkey,
Declaration of KADEK Executive Council
November, 15 2003 Final Declaration of the Foundation Conference of the People’s Congress of
Kurdistan (KONGRA GEL)
June, 1 2004 ’We didn’t declare war we are in self-defence’
March, 20 2005 The declaration of Democratic Confederalism
20th of August to 20th of September 2005: Way for peace and a democratic solution hence
contributing to the development of resolution process.
September, 30 2006, Decision for a Ceasefire by Kongra Gel 2nd Interim Session Assembly Meeting
October 17, 2007, The war decision was accepted by the Turkish Parliament, the occupational
operation started
February 21, 2008, The Turkish army bombed the Medya Defense Areas many times and carried out
an invasion operation against the South Kurdistan and the Medya Defense Areas
April 13, 2009 KCK decided for a cease-fire
June, 1 2010 KCK declaration of the self-defence
August 13, 2010 KCK declared the unilateral cease-fire from 13 August 2010 to 20 September. 2010.



  1. >I thought Abdullah Ocalan called the shots? He hasn't even published his own review? How is it that the PKK jumped ahead of its leader? What if Ocalan says that progress has been made? Seems like they jumped the gun, no?

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