Posted by: hevallo | March 1, 2011

>Hevallo Banned in Turkey!


Hevallo can no longer be read in Turkey!

Blogspot, ‘Google’s’ webpage service has been banned in Turkey!

On Twitter ‘Tweeps’ are reporting that Blogspot has been now banned in Turkey so readers of Hevallo can no longer access my pages in Turkey.
This is ‘State Censorship’ and coming at a time when the Kurdish people are preparing for the Kurdish New Year of Newroz, Turkish officials are trying to close down the Kurdish voice in Turkey. Jamming signals have been interfering and blocking Roj TV beaming into the Kurdish region of Turkey, journalists are being harrased, the News Agency Firat News internet site was hacked and brought down last week.
Where is the shock and outrage at these Turkish state attacks on Freedom of Expression and basic human rights that should be enjoyed by every citizen in Turkey.
In the meantime Hevallo has created a mirror site that can be accessed at http://www.hevallo.wordpress
Join the online revolution!


  1. >The blogspot blockage is about a copyright problem claimed by Digiturk, a private TV network. It is not political.

  2. >So they say!

  3. >I love turkey but for me there is not a compleet press freedome.

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